Tomato Pasta, the home grown variety

I haven’t made a tomato pasta since we came off the boat, and with the amount of tomatoes we have now, I needed to do something!
Hubby can’t eat them, though when I skinned some for a spag bol a little while ago, the reaction wasn’t quite as severe as it had been having just cut them up. Luckily, he can still have tinned ones.

Today’s dinner was a his and hers. I had an odd piece of fish in the freezer from MOH’s visit, so Hubby had that and I made a pasta bake for me.
I learned a long time ago that if you soak the pasta quills in boiling water whilst preparing everything else, they are ready for your mix without further cooking.

I chopped six of our medium sized tomatoes, then one of our small onions, and a handful of runner beans that I’d just picked.
I put them all in a saucepan with a little water, a few italian herbs and a vegetable stock cube, bringing it gently to the boil so that the liquid absorbed the stock to make a sauce rather than dry mix.
By the time the mix was soft, so was the pasta which I then drained and put both in a dish.
I topped it with grated cheese and segmented tomato garnish, then put it in the oven for twenty minutes together with Hubby’s fish.
I added his wedges for a further fifteen minutes (so thirty five in all) and then dished up.
I couldn’t make up my mind which picture was best, and the end result was really nice, even if I say so myself, so I’ll make it again.
Total cost for my dinner, about 25p (3p for the stock cube, 20p for the cheese and 2p for the pasta).

Note (i):
The dish was a small individual size not the one I usually use for our lasagna, which I used as a spill tray to protect the cooker just in case the cheese bubbled over the top.

Note (ii):
In my previous pasta dishes, I’ve added fresh garlic and fresh ginger for that extra zing, but this is the first time I’ve used green beans. It was very tasty and I enjoyed it, though next time I’ll cook the beans for a little longer as although they were done, they were still on the firm side. Depends how you like your beans I suppose.



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  1. fransiweinstein says:

    It all looks yummy!

  2. Laura M. Bailey says:

    Whoa! Yum!

  3. Too bad about your hubby and tomatoes. They are one of my favorite meals. Glad you make it work.

  4. SarahC says:

    i chuckle when you say came off the boat, but then i remember you lived on one! yes enjoyable to grow tomatoes, we miss our garden as stuck apartment dwellers now…

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