Finish The Story #10, 29 August 2018

Teresa has decided to tag me first for this latest Finish the Story  blog hop.


  1. Copy the story below as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
  2. Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
  3. Tag only 1 person
  4. If you choose to not participate or finish the story, please comment/tag ** Teresa’s original post so that she knows.
    ** note: slightly amended to link and refer back to Teresa.

There’s Gold, I Tell Ya, Gold

Duncan and Jessie grew up in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains and heard the legend of the Lost Dutchman their entire lives. No one really believed the stories, but people did question when the government bought nearly all the land in one area. They knew what must be there, or at least what was there, but they were not going to tell the public.

“Hey, you’ll never believe what I found,” Jessie said one evening while they were supposed to be studying for their math finals.

“Your old mini-figure collection?” Duncan quipped, knowing their mother had thrown those out years ago.

“No.” Jessie whacked Duncan over the head with his notebook. “I found this while scouting out the next vlog site.”

Duncan glanced over and saw Jessie pull out …

To Be Continued………………………………….

Here’s my contribution:

Duncan glanced over and saw Jessie pull out a match box.
‘Well that’s not very exciting,’ he said.
‘Ah, but this is not just any old match box. Look at the date…..’
‘1947. So?’
‘UFOs Duncan! The biggest conspiracy theory ever over Roswell and a crashed RAF weather balloon!’
‘Yeah, I saw the TV show. So?’
‘That was fiction silly. The various internet sites I found suggest otherwise.’
Jessie started to get quite animated.
‘What if there is something in the Lost Dutchman stories, but not exactly as we’ve been led to believe. You know what it’s like with Chinese whispers………… a story starts out as one thing and having been passed on to some ten other people, it’s totally different from the original.’
‘This isn’t a party game Jessie.’
‘I know that! But, why would the government buy up all that land if they didn’t have something to hide? Maybe there was more than one “weather balloon”,’ he said indicating quotes with his fingers, adding
‘Maybe the Lost Dutchman was a code name for something else…………..’

To be continued…………………………..


I’m going to pass the baton on to Anuragbakhshi next, so I hope he takes it on as his posts have some great punchlines!


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