Not so Smart

Our energy supplier sent me an estimated bill today and has decided to reduce our monthly Direct Debit by almost 50%.
That’s all well and good, but with the winter months not that far away and us not wishing to be cold, I was content to let a balance accumulate towards it, as the last thing I want is to run up a bill we cannot pay and get into debt.

Our original payment of £80 a month was based by Yours Truly on our previous usage for electricity and oil for central heating in the cottage. We had no gas in the village, and had a multi-fuel stove in our lounge so bought smokeless fuel for that too.
We are now what is termed ‘Dual Fuel’ customers, having both gas and electricity from the same supplier, so I was pleasantly surprised when our usage was more than covered and agreed to reduce our payments to £60 four months ago.

We have amassed a nice credit towards the winter, which the company have taken into account with their calculations, but I still thought their revised figure too low, so decided to not only provide accurate meter readings, but compromise on a new monthly payment.

I spoke to a very nice young man, and everything is fine with our account. I have asked for a reminder to supply meter readings so that estimated bills will not be necessary, and he understood my reasons for not wanting to let our energy bills get away from us.

There then followed an interesting conversation about Smart Meters.
There is no way in Hell that we want one, but apparently it is the Government’s intention to make it policy for all households to have one from 2020. To me, this is just another way of TPTB intruding into your private life to monitor everything you do, who with, how many times and at what cost.

Not having seen or heard anything in the media, I looked it up.

Well, well, well.
This report (source) is dated August 2017, and it suggests that every household should be offered, but are not obliged to accept, a Smart Meter by 2020.
That’s good for us, because WE DO NOT WANT ONE.

A second report (source) dated this month has Citizens Advice requesting the 2020 deadline be extended by three years.
That’s good for us, because WE DO NOT WANT ONE.

I don’t care that it won’t cost me anything to have one installed.

By providing regular meter readings, there is no need for estimated bills,

We are aware of our energy usage, I check our meters every week, and we are using around 18 Kwh of electricity a week (winter and summer) and in the winter about 25 cubic meters of gas a week reducing to currently just one and a half cubic meters for hot water only.
Even the guy on the end of the phone said we were one of the lowest energy users he’d come across, and that Smart Meters were really intended for high users to keep a track of their energy so that they didn’t generate bills of thousands of pounds they couldn’t pay.

And how about this for side effects: (google)

Smart Meter health complaints:
which include sleep problemsheadachesnauseaanxietyheart palpitationstinnitus and ear pain, concentration and memory problemsdizziness, immune, nervous and hormonal system impacts.

Cancer risk……….

Because RF radiation is a possible carcinogen, and smart meters give off RF radiation, it is possible that smart meters could increase cancer risk. Still, it isn’t clear what risk, if any there might be from living in a home with a smart meter.

You can also check this out:

So, is it no surprise then that



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17 Responses to Not so Smart

  1. colinandray says:

    We had SmartMeters here (exterior mounting) which were intended to record not only how much electricity was used, but when you used it. The idea was based on a given 24 hour period being split into various time frames … Peak usage (high cost); Midrange and Off peak (low cost). The idea was to encourage users to avoid/minimize peak usage times. The SmartMeter therefore recorded usage as necessary and savings to the customer noted. How I think it all fell apart was the rates changed and the different rates became so close that it was not worthwhile going out of your way to save! I am not sure what the current status is, but I have not heard about SmartMeters here for a few years now! 🙂

  2. Mws R says:

    I am glad you researched it and asked questions. A lot of people just do not try to educate theirselves. They rely on other people’s words.

  3. Yeah, but will “they” (over here in America we call “them” Big Brother or ((my own term)) entitled Gov’mint) allow you NOT to have one? Will they make it so uncomfortable for you that you have to purchase one? Or cease making any alternatives (which they’ve done here) so if your current one breaks down, you’re forced to buy one? America has forced people to buy “smart” appliances such as washers and dryers (which work about half as efficiently and therefore, to me anyway, aren’t saving anyone ANYTHING) and ovens and everything. Smart? I’d call this kind of monitoring stupid personally.

    • At the moment it seems to be under no obligation and it doesn’t cost the consumer anything. Now that’s a joke as bills are going up already to compensate for the implementation!

      • Yeah, that’s how they started out over here and all. But now? You can’t purchase a presumably energy hogging appliance unless you know someone who sells second hand and I think those folks are starting to get fined for not selling ‘energy efficient”, so they’re becoming very rare indeed. *sigh*

      • It’s all about the money isn’t it. They encourage you to buy energy saving appliances or even lightbulbs, then move the goalposts and you end up paying through the nose for everything connected to it.

  4. The way it going over you have a population that wants everything now. I have seldom received a mail order that was correct. Just order a printer and received two. They are refunding the price but our credit card has been charged and it will be some time before we received the credit and in the .meantime we are paying interest.

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