FOWC with Fandango — Attitude

Ah, this reminds me of a joke my Dad was always telling with the punchline
‘It wasn’t my ‘at ‘e chewed but yours!’ but already I digress from the prompt.

I was accused of having an attitude, and it was reflected in an employee reference apparently.
I’m not one to suffer fools lightly, though I am usually discreet if discussing an individual.
This was nothing like that, but something that happened after I’d left my job in the high street (my final day was the last working day before Christmas) and a conversation I had with the Manager who rang me at home on their first day back.

I was ‘accused’ of not giving a customer £50 of change. This was in the days when everything was manually counted, checked and written down rather than the computer screen and scales for everything today.
I was asked if I’d served this particular customer on the Friday to which I replied No, I’d served him on Thursday and it was the chap on first till who had served him on Friday.
I was told that the cashier concerned said he had given me the £50 to give to the customer in question, and I again stated that I hadn’t served him that day. I asked the Manager if it was on the back of my ‘strike’, a balancing sheet that recorded exchange transactions such as this, ie £50 in ten pound notes for £50 of 50p pieces etc. The Manager said No, it was on the back of the other cashier’s strike, which to me, confirmed that he indeed had served him on the day in question. The Manager however was adamant that I had served him and wanted to know where the £50 was.
I was furious. To be accused of theft when I was no longer a member of staff and therefore could not defend myself with referral to the written sheets made my blood boil.
Yeah. The Attitude came out, and then some.
In a level but cold voice, I said
‘Look Mr N. You checked my till yourself when I left on Friday, and I was right TO THE PENNY as I have been every day since I joined your staff over a year ago. I did not serve Mr B on Friday, and the back of P’s strike suggests that he did. There is no transaction on my strike, and there is no entry for that account on my cashier’s sheet. Is there one on P’s? I suggest you look elsewhere for the missing £50!’
and hung up.

I may be a lot of things, but a thief I am not.
When I worked for the bank, I took a pride in my job. In almost 7 years there was only one difference of £5 that I couldn’t find, and even that claim was iffy. Even the Bank Inspectors were surprised at my accuracy as apparently it was expected to have around three differences a year. That money in the till was not mine. I was in charge of it, it was my duty to balance it accurately, and I did. Every day.
If pride and respect are accusatory of attitude, then yeah. I’ve got it. In spades.

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  1. Fandango says:

    I think your attitude that day was warranted.

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