Entertaining our guest: Day 4

We planned didn’t we. And we all know what happens if we plan anything.
There was a major accident on the way to Skeggy involving two HGVs and the road has been blocked/heavy traffic all day. Even an alternative route, which actually puts about 15 miles on the journey, had its own problems with road works, and later in the afternoon, there was another incident at one end of the High Street which blocked another route in and out.
So we didn’t go.

Hubby has not been feeling too good today, so suggested MOH and I went up to the Seal Sanctuary. It’s expensive to get in (£9 or £8 for senior citizens which we are as we are both over 60), so we were in two minds, but eventually thought ‘why not?’
And I’m glad we went.

It’s not just a sanctuary for seals. There are reptiles, parrots, gannets, geese, chickens, rabbits, gibbons, meerkats, guinea pigs, pigs, squirrel monkeys (including a new baby which is so tiny and cute but I couldn’t get a picture), pheasants, peacocks, birds of prey, horses, goats, spiders, and a fantastic history of the area over 20,000 years ago complete with fossils, skulls, and interpretations of the life of dinosaurs.

We arrived about half an hour before feeding time so were able to have a look inside the reptile house beforehand.
You should all be proud of me as you know how I feel about spiders, but I took these photos. Honest (and thank god the damn things didn’t move!)
  Bird’s Nest spider Tarantula

There were also several corn snakes and small pythons, but they were too shy to come out from their hiding places. However, I did get photos of these guys:

There were two gibbons, but the one with the black and grey face hid in his box whilst his room-mate was merrily showing off his acrobatical skills.
The selection of birds was amazing, and the colours! There was plenty of room for them to fly and the large macaw parrot was very obliging in his pose.

Photos:  Top : Eagle Owl, Emu.
Centre :  Gannets
Bottom: Parrot, Macaw.

The meerkats are sweet, and one saw me taking his picture and posed for me!

Oh, and there were some seals too, but I’m putting them in another post.


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  1. colonialist says:

    The meerkat is one of my cousins, and I told him to do a good pose!
    Certainly a wide selection to add to the seals.

  2. That meerkat – his expression is adorable!

  3. I’m very proud of you. That was very brave. I don’t think I would have been that daring! That meerkat seems like a very sweet guy. Loved all your pictures.

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