Darts Night 26 June

Tonight saw the start of the second round of games as we have played all of the teams in the league now. Matches that were played home are now away, and things are starting to take shape.

Apparently, we are currently in third position and the team we played tonight are a couple of points behind us. They were our first game, and a match I was away for, which is why I didn’t recognise anyone.

The team won 10 – 4 that night, but tonight the score was 8 – 6 in their favour.
I played pretty well with quite a few scores over 70, so the new darts and I are getting along. As usual though, I couldn’t get my double out and my partner was also having problems.
Tonight I felt my patience and good humour slip, not through sour grapes at losing, but I got the idea the opposition were playing tactics.
They started early, before our full team had arrived, and once again they are a side that cannot add up for toffee. It took three of them to add the scores together so I was asked to keep an eye on it and double check their calculations.It also didn’t help that one of the chalkers was already tipsy, they turned the music up so that we couldn’t hear ourselves think, and when our guy was throwing, theirs walked behind him.

In the 1001 down for the men, they brought in two reserves (this is acceptable as most teams have a surplus of bodies to the four pairs required), and one was so sloshed, he couldn’t stand up straight in front of the board. Two other women played in the 701 down who had also had a few by then but we won both to give us a pretty respectable score.
I heard someone say they had a professional player on their team, and he was very good, scoring the two highest scores of the night, and rarely missing the treble 20.

The team was sociable and friendly enough but I must admit, I didn’t enjoy it so much tonight.
Next week we are home but our opponents are trying to reschedule the game because England is playing in the World Cup. Apparently such a request has to go before the committee.


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4 Responses to Darts Night 26 June

  1. foguth says:

    Hmmm, I don’t mind social drinkers, but drunks are a pet peeve… I get migraines in loud environments, too…. Could never try that as a social thing unless I was deaf!

    • I’m afraid I can’t handle heavy drinkers, they make me extremely anxious because they can be unpredictable, and I don’t find them or their actions funny. I had enough of that in the 80s, made the mistake of getting engaged to an alcoholic when I was 18 (I didn’t know until he turned up on my parent’s doorstep in the early hours totally plastered), and as a young child a drunk fell over in front of me and I thought he was dead.
      I don’t object to someone having a drink or two, but don’t expect me to hang around in their company if they have more than that.

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