Pads or Roller?

Not that we are enthusiastic about getting on with the decorating, but there are things that need to be done, so we’re getting there.
The hall does indeed look very nice and we are pleased with our choice of colour, ie, Biscuit Crunch.

Today was the turn of the ceiling in our bedroom.
The last time Hubby and I attacked a ceiling was in the cottage when we took the dark wooden panels down and replaced them with plasterboard and paper.
We had never papered a ceiling in our lives, and managed with a broom and quick reflexes! Surprisingly, it was still up the following morning with no wrinkles, bubbles or droopy bits.
Today though we were painting.
Don’t you just hate the words ‘It won’t us take long’, or ‘We’ve just got to …………. ‘
Well, we had no major disasters, but we did have a change of method half way through.
Using paint pads on the walls is a doddle, sort of. Clean, tidy (ish) and no drips (well, not many), an even coat is applied and there are no bare patches (well, one or two but we found them before the paint dried).
On a ceiling? Nah. Wouldn’t recommend it, or at least, not for us, but we did try!

It all started pretty well, but as Hubby progressed, the angle was awkward, the light misleading, and the paint started to dry too quickly so we couldn’t see where he’d been.
I had part of a broom handle which I was using as a pointer for the places he’d missed, but the ceiling was coming up patchy, so we decided maybe a roller would be better afterall.

This actually proved quicker and provided a more even coverage, but we’ve both got white measles on our arms and glasses.
He’s done a good job, though it looks like we’re going to have to give the coving a facelift. We already know we have to decorate one wall as the paint and paper came off when Hubby wiped away a dirty mark. The colour beneath the lining paper is PURPLE.
The paper is also lifting, so that will have to come off too, even though it is only on the one wall. We have enough Biscuit paint left to do that which will make a nice contrast to the magnolia on the other three. The question is how many coats it’s likely to need.

And then we come to the window cill.
There was an interesting ring on it where someone had put a hot cup of tea/coffee down on the wet paint causing it to blister. It was like a double halo, so I got a blade to it and the paint came off like a peeling suntan.
And that was the problem. There were rifts and ridges (not all of my doing!) which we knew would only be enhanced by a new coat of paint, so for over two hours, Hubby and I have been taking the paint off with razor blades ready for filling and repainting.
That’s the easy bit, so I might volunteer to do that.

Tomorrow is another day……………………………..
I miss the boat!


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