Roses and veg

I’ve done lots of posts about our roses so I bet you thought we’d lost all our veg.
Not quite, but first…………….
These are the three blooms of our Ancient Mariner, the oldest (centre) nearly over, the second (left) showing her full glory and the third (right) about to blossom forth.
All this on one bush at the same time.

Photos taken today, 24th June.

Our veg has not done so well I’m afraid.
Our leafy potato plants harvested three spuds, or should I say marbles, so we have left the healthiest to do its thing and see what happens.

In the cottage, we couldn’t put a foot wrong with Moneymaker tomatoes, so naturally  

when we tried our hand at growing some on the boat, we opted for the same strain.
We had two. Not to be defeated, once we had a proper veg plot, we tried again and things started to look promising when the seedlings started to sprout indoors.

They didn’t get any bigger than this, so we cheated and bought some established plants and put them outside.
These are what they look like now and every plant has flowers on it:
As for the ones we started, they are also planted outside where the failed potatoes were and are no bigger than when they were indoors. At least they haven’t died yet and we have a secret weapon in Tomato feed to apply now!

We lost all of our beans, Reginald included, though he was a stubborn cuss and was the last to give in.

We started some more off indoors and they did absolutely nothing, so Hubby bought a new packet of a different strain and we threw them all in outside straight away. We’ve given them plenty of water and when tendrils started to appear, have gently given them a guiding hand (ie. a stick that leans against the main cane to start them off in the right direction).
It’s been a slow process, but this is how they looked this afternoon (June 24th):
The fruit bush directly behind has raspberries on it and that little cluster of green back right are our onions!
All is not lost, it’s just taking time.
We have gooseberries (this pic already posted in May), but not many more or much bigger
and our blueberry bush also has the beginnings of fruit. I’ll have a pie yet!
Our blackberries though have appeared to go AWOL. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

Next year it will either be raised beds or individual pots as they’ll be easier to keep clear of weeds and top up with compost/decent soil to stand a fighting chance.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    It’s hard work getting a garden established. You’ve done very well. I hope you get your blueberry pie. Yum . 🙂

  2. foguth says:

    Were your bean seeds coated in a sort of pink dust? It’s a nitrogen-fixing inoculate, but I can;t recall what my mom used instead of the commercial stuff. Here’s a good article on it:

    • The first lot we planted seemed to be what you’d expect to find in a bean (brown/red) and failed, so the second packet were white and they’re coming up., Thanks for the link.

  3. For all the trials with this, you seem to have come through with some nice looking plants!

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