Field Trip 16 June

I woke up this morning extremely low and depressed. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I replied nothing, I was just feeling down.
I can’t explain it, as I’d slept pretty well and nothing (other than the usual) is worrying me.

He suggested we have a field trip to Boston today, to ‘go and see our friend and her two dogs’. After breakfast, he loaded up his pockets with dog biscuits and off we went.
It was raining, that invisible rain you don’t notice until you’re wet, but as we were going in the car, it didn’t matter.
I was driving today, and thinking about going into The Stump to light candles for Mum and the Dads for Father’s Day tomorrow when the phone rang. I fished it out of my pocket for Hubby to answer and it was one of our boating friends.
Her husband had been taken into hospital as the medication they’d prescribed had mucked up his kidney and liver functions, so he was admitted for tests to try and sort them out.
Both are in their 80s, and for the past year he’s been used as a guinea pig for various meds rather than try and get to the bottom of what’s wrong. His blood pressure is extremely low, he’s lost his appetite and a lot of weight, and has been suffering from breathlessness for years.
Luckily, the family have rallied together and some have moved in to take the strain and look after their Mum, plus take her to and from the hospital.

It would appear that ours is not the only GP to treat the symptoms rather than find the cause of illness, and in so doing, throws a health spanner in the works with results such as these.
Readers will know from recent posts about new meds that put Hubby in hospital, and on Monday, the doc is supposed to give him a telephone consultation to discuss results of his blood tests. Hubby has viewed them on his notes (we have access via their website) and looked a lot of stuff up on the internet.
He’s ready for the GP’s call, because half of his problems are most likely due to a thyroid issue, and if the doc had taken the time six months ago to have his thyroid checked  (a blood test he was asked to come in for a week ago), most of Hubby’s recent discomfort and A&E experiences wouldn’t have happened.

Our NHS is in serious trouble, continuance of care doesn’t happen, our doctors and nurses are overworked and underpaid, and no-one makes time to listen to the patient, just write out a cure-all prescription in the hope that the symptoms will go away.
We are lucky in that we get to see a doctor (eventually) without charge, but we would happily pay a small fee to guarantee an appointment with a specific doctor for our healthcare, or even regular check ups. There are private medical plans available here in the UK, but at £120 each per month because of our age and present health issues, that is way beyond our budget.

It made my ‘down in the dumps’ pathetically trivial and we wish our friend a speedy recovery. I shall be making a special card for him over the weekend.


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  1. When feeling low finding someone else is always good medicine and there always some who more problems than you.💕☕🍵💕

  2. It is the same over here especially for older people. Pills are always the first try or surgery. I don’t seeing a PA (physician

  3. Assistant) because they will listen to you. You are lucky to see a physician for 5 minutes. I never saw the physician that did the repairs on my broken leg and hip. He did an excellent job but his PA did all the follow up.

  4. joyroses13 says:

    I hope your friend can get better soon. Sorry about your Dr just treating the symptoms, that is not right !
    My Mom had thyroid issues for a long time. She takes meds to keep the numbers balanced. She almost went into a coma because of one Dr not paying attention to her numbers and letting it go really low. The thyroid may be small but it controls a lot of our body! Not something to mess around with.

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