When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

I’ve got to hand it to our surgery, they deserve an Oscar for their performance.
Hubby is on yet more new pills, this time anti cholesterol that are not statins prescribed by the Consultant he saw at the hospital a couple of weeks ago.
He is now taking a rainbow of meds, and rattles when he walks.
Hubby took repeat prescriptions out of the hands of the surgery a little while ago now and  orders them himself via their website.
This is not a problem, that is until he wanted to order his new meds.
Cue phone call from the prescription office (when he is attending another appointment with another consultant about something else) to say that they need confirmation from the hospital that the new pills are to be prescribed on a repeat basis.
Yippee, a faxed instruction will do.
Except when it’s not.

When we get home, Hubby calls the relevant Consultant’s office to enquire as to why the letter confirming these meds has not been forthcoming to the surgery as promised.
He was told that the notes hadn’t been typed up yet (2 weeks ago, well, 13 days), but yes, they would see to it ‘today’. That was Thursday.
Friday pm still no pills to collect and Hubby went into the prescription office to find out what was going on.
‘Sorry,’ she said. ‘We don’t appear to have received anything yet.’
Hubby explains what happened and what he was told, including their phone call requesting a faxed confirmation, and she actually reads the screen.
‘Oh yes! here it is! It should be ready in a couple of days.’
Over the weekend, we receive a copy of the letter sent to our GP following Hubby’s consultation and confirming the prescribed meds.
We’re making progress, we think.

On Monday we received a call from the prescription office to say everything is fine and he can collect his meds anytime after 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday).
We were shoe shopping yesterday, so left it until today (Wednesday) to collect.
As it was quite a pleasant day and following on from the success of Sunday, we walked up.
This is a total distance of over 2 miles so not exactly five minutes up the road.
I think Hubby has calmed down now, but in short, his meds were not ready.
In fact, the prescription had not even been signed.
Now you could understand if the prescription was not ready on Monday, and they were given an extra day to get it sorted on Tuesday, but here it is Wednesday and ?????
Don’t go there.

He’s left it that when they really are ready and they would like him to relieve them of the packet, please to send us a text message or call so as not to waste our time….. again.
It was a long walk back.


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13 Responses to When the left doesn’t know what the right is doing

  1. Wow! I’m surprised they don’t do it electronically. Easy and quick.

    • That’s how it was supposed to be sent in the first place apparently! At least his other regular meds were waiting for him though, so at least that part of the system works!

  2. scifihammy says:

    I sympathise. Their ineptitude seems boundless!
    Hopefully Hubby will get his meds eventually.

    • Hope so. The next step would have been the ‘wonderful’ sit and wait clinic to see a GP armed with the box and ask for the Doc to prescribe them! We’ll get there…….. sometime. 🙂

  3. Sounds familiar. Trying to get something refilled a bit back meant one person requesting a faxed authorization page….and we waited…waited…called and resent request…and waited. Eventually turned out that the request had been sent to a FAX and a computer across the room from the receiving nurse….and she didn’t know, nor walked over to see what all the sending was about…and no one on that side of the room got the page/request and turned around and said “Hey, this is yours….) Gads. Worse it was confirmed that we did have the correct fax number/email address… so we asked “How can it be the right one when it just got pitched and ignored?” Now we grit our teeth and try to do it by phone…another fun game
    Much sympathy!

  4. fransiweinstein says:

    You should see if your local newspaper would write a story about this. People are prescribed medication because it’s NEEDED — sooner rather than later. It’s bad enough when a clerk in a store, in an office or at the government is negligent or stupid — but when you are responsible for health and lives, this kind of carelessness is just unacceptable. You’ve had a lot of these issues — far too many. I’d have been on TV by now.

    • It’s the same for everyone I’m afraid. But we’re working on it, or the meds issue anyway, by making ourselves responsible for repeats every month, and allowing three days before collection.

  5. joyroses13 says:

    I am sure it was a long walk back! Ugh! Hope it gets straightened out soon!

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