Surgery chaos again

Hubby had a phone call from the doctor’s surgery yesterday asking him to arrange for a blood test today.
Hubby said this wouldn’t be a problem as he had an INR check scheduled for today so could tack it on the end of that. The receptionist said that was brilliant and she would see to it that the form was waiting at reception for him.

That’s as good as it gets.

Hubby’s INR is all over the place again, but we can sort that.
He dutifully went down to reception after his appointment to be told he could not have a blood test today, even though he had been called in for one, as everyone wanted their blood tested this morning and there was only one member of staff available to do it, so they’d had to stop booking people in. His form was there though (gosh).

It seems you can’t make an appointment for one either, so he has to go to the surgery tomorrow morning, and WAIT.
The good news is that it’s not the Sit and Wait clinic, but another set of input screens where you register, then sit and oh yeah, wait.
The bad news is that the blood clinic doesn’t open until 9am, but the first person to register today was at four minutes past 8, so it has been suggested that Hubby get to the surgery early tomorrow (like maybe tonight and camp out in the foyer, sarcasm).
To say he is not impressed is the understatement of the century.

Want another laugh?
The ‘book your own appointment’ service has been taken off their website as people weren’t checking with reception and emergency appointments were being snapped up in error.
Er, not the patient’s fault they couldn’t make an appointment through the normal (???) channels, , blame it on the website software and programming.

But there is some good cheer dear friends!
I had a letter from the doctor yesterday informing me about risk of a heart attack or stroke and perhaps I should consider STATINS, and we all know how I feel about those!

Next couple of paragraphs said before deciding to take them, I should stop smoking (1991), reduce my alcohol intake (I don’t drink), increase my exercise (tell Maggie that) , eat a sensible diet (doing) and lose weight (sigh), as all that will help reduce my cholesterol and heart risk.
There then followed loads of NHS health links to help me decide.
There was also the little note to say that they could not guarantee that taking statins would actually reduce my risk.
Fast forward to the final page which had multiple choice options:
Yes/No go on statins.
Yes/No Book appointment with GP to discuss statins
Yes/No Book appointment to discuss lifestyle changes.

I wrote a very polite note on the bottom of the No, No, and No replies, pointing out I don’t drink or smoke, I exercise with the dog every day, eat a varied diet, and am trying to lose weight, which may or may not be related to my post cancer meds (note: small print says they can affect weight, shame mine isn’t a loss). I also said that I had checked my blood test results from the 21st on my medical notes via my account, and my cholesterol is actually down from October.
The other results were satisfactory, borderline, and no further action required.


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13 Responses to Surgery chaos again

  1. The lab where I get my blood work done used to be a first come, first served. It was a pain for blood tests that required testing because that’s when everyone came. Now you can schedule and it’s so much better. When fasting is required I may have to schedule a week out but that’s not been a problem. Wishing the best for him. I know it’s so frustrating.

    • Things went as sweet as a nut this morning……….. mind you, that could have been because the nurse that took his blood is our INR nurse and knows he can’t hang around too long. Fasting blood tests are always given priority anyway, but at least we don’t have to go up to the hosptial for them now.

  2. fransiweinstein says:

    Nothing is easy. Maybe if the quality of services improved so would our risk of heart attacks and strokes -/ because our blood pressure would stop going through the roof from frustration. Just sayin’

  3. I love how they thing people will read this information and keep given it out. Those that need to it usually won’t let it just aggregates. It is any better in the states. My last Doctor was honest with me. My itching is cause by too low estrogen not an allergy. They won’t give estrogen by month as it could cause a heart attack. He had some suggestions and I will try and handle. The hot flashes (night sweats) are terrible and really I probably wouldn’t take estrogen.

    • I’m glad I’m relatively OK apart from my weight as everything else is settling down. The hot flushes from my post cancer meds are annoying but bearable. Hubby is another kettle of fish. There’s so much going on with him, he needs to see the same GP for continuance of care and it just isn’t happening.

      • I do like the way medical is going here. You have to have a primary care physician. He sends you to experts a d he PCP is supposed to correlate all the results. That step doesn’t happen. Each trip takes so much out of me. Our caregiver went grocery shopping for us today. Believe it or not got the right brands for us.

      • It’s worrying over here. Pills are prescribed for one ailment that counteract or interfere with other more vital medication. Another reason why I don’t want to take statins. It;s a personal thing, but it’s taken me a long time to get my body ‘well’ and working properly, and basically I don’t want anything to muck it up!

      • We don’t take systems either. They can cause joint ache. One place I went took off all the pills I was taken. Most of them was causing my dizziness. I am taken only 3 pills blood pressure,ressure one helps me sleep and one is supposed help with depression. I guess I should include the hormone I use as a cream for estrogen.

      • Take care and keep well. 🙂

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