It’s been a funny sort of day, and apart from buying hinges, bolts and catches for the gates, not much else has happened in that direction.
Being our anniversary, I woke up to flowers and a homemade card, which is beautiful. I’d made Hubby’s card yesterday, a bit of a rush job as I’d cut it fine for the date, but it turned out OK and for once he got all the bits of a decoupage design which stood about an inch thick by the time I’d finished!
His gift, however, was still in the shop.

Some time ago, he said his razor was on its way out, so I jumped in and said I’d replace it for our anniversary, to which he agreed (shock!).
However, every time we went shopping it was conveniently forgotten, not the right design, too expensive, you know the sort of thing, mainly because Hubby doesn’t like me spending my money on him. He loves to spend his money on me, but to him that’s another matter of course!
Anyway, when we were buying the cooker, we found exactly what he wanted, but it was a bit expensive. To be honest, I didn’t care, as it was WHAT HE WANTED, and it is extremely rare that I can find something that fits the bill.

Yesterday I wanted to go back to the shop to buy it. Something cropped up to thwart me, so I said I wanted to go this morning, which we did. He didn’t shave especially so that he could give it a good work out, and he’s very pleased.
That’s part one of our day.
The second part was a blood test, which went OK.

The third part was watching the guys on the beach as they moved the pipeline. They had to raise it to the surface first then boats in the water were pushing it as the diggers on land were lifting it.
This is where the pipe joins the dredging ship out at sea:
Once in position, it’s another ballet of skilled activity (do you recognise the post?):
Then they had to flush the pipe through before they could begin pumping the sand and water from the dredger to the shore:

And finally they were taking the valve off ready to connect to the main pipe work. I have never seen such big nuts in my life! (the Post looks on)
The big digger then went to collect the bendy bit, which resembled an elephant’s trunk, so that it could be attached to the pipe coming out of the water and directed along the stretch of beach where they were working today.
I was in the perfect place to get some great shots!


We’re going back tomorrow.
And that’s a very photogenic post!

Previous pictures : It won’t look anything like this when they’ve finished.

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  1. lbeth1950 says:

    Happy anniversary. Hello ttMaggie.

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    Happy Anniversary!! Yay on finding the perfect gift for your hubby.

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    Happy anniversary! How many years?

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    Happy Anniversary!!

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