What we did today……..

We arrived in Boston quite early and were able to park in what we call The Toast Rack, as all parking spaces are at an angle to the kerb.
The market here is on twice a week, though you get more and possibly the better stalls on a Saturday.
Lincolnshire fruit and veg is always good quality and having already got our veg for this week’s stew-athon, I bought some lovely raspberries and blueberries for less than £3 and selected a punnet of large strawberries which were discounted to £1 as they were just on the turn.
There was also a meat stall, and we got two gammon joints for a fiver which I’ve frozen.

We saw a few familiar faces so stopped and chatted for a while. Maggie got treated to part of a sausage roll from our Salvation Army friend, but it was surprisingly quiet.
I overheard that someone had been stabbed at the bus station last night, so maybe that had something to do with it.
Hubby got his new glasses, over the counter jobs at £4.25 and a cheaper version for just £1 as a spare, so he was well pleased. I got my baking tins too (hurrah!) but not exactly the ones I was after as they weren’t much cheaper than those I saw yesterday.
I line them anyway, so I opted for two non stick pans for £1 each. The brand name was familiar and they won’t warp on the first heating, so I should get the wear out of them.
I am extremely pleased with my cake box though. It is actually classed as a cake carrier and the top snaps onto the base. Perfect for what I wanted, and again only a pound.
From there, we went to one of the larger supermarkets and I treated myself to a small hand mixer for £6. I can’t beat cake mixes very well as I have no grip or power in my wrists now, and my original mixer got given to charity. I’ve already got a mixing bowl (3 for a pound, you’ve just got to love the price), so I didn’t need an all singing all dancing mixer with all the attachments.
Honestly, when the cooker arrives and is up and running, I am going to have some fun!

Maggie had been really good for us, so we decided to come back via the plantation again. We drove past our old house, which hasn’t changed much, and one of the other properties we’d been interested in at the time has a huge extension on the front of it now. We didn’t buy that one as all the garden was at the front as the original owners had sold half of his back garden to his neighbour for a vegetable plot.
It doesn’t seem to be a lucky house actually as the people who did buy it put in new windows , new central heating system and a new kitchen. They sold after about 5 years and the new people ripped out the kitchen to put in a side door, chucked out all the new carpets and laid laminate flooring.  Those people put the house on the market the year after we left, and now it’s had this extension and possibly yet another new kitchen.

The woods are more or less the same as our last visit, as although more trees are marked, they are still standing. We parked in the main car park which has craters in it now rather than pot holes, so it was an obstacle race to protect our suspension!
Photo: April 2014

We walked the Bat Route today, going beyond the gate above and taking the first path right, then following round in a loop down to the bottom and the Bat buildings, which are two old storage units.
It was a little muddy underfoot in places, but it’s actually been a lovely warm day. Maggie of course was in her element sniffing everything as usual, but we had to keep her out of the undergrowth because adders could well be basking in the sun. They don’t seem to occupy this particular part of the woods so much, but we are always careful.
There were about 20 cars in the car park, but for the majority of our walk, we saw no-one.
That was one of the things we liked about it here, you could walk for miles and not see a soul. It’s such a relaxing place too, you can feel any tension drain away as you are serenaded by bird song.
Photo: January 2018

Coming back to the car, we recognised a dog and her owner, who in turn recognised us. Both are keeping well, and she has finally had her second hip operation.

We got home around 2pm and after a much needed cuppa, went out into the garden to put the wooden rolls round the rose bushes to protect them from the lawn mower.
Of course Hubby wanted to cut the grass as well, so I was out there too making sure he didn’t mow the flex.
We had our stewp (day 2) for our main meal, then I walked the dog round the avenue.
It’s now nearly 7pm, so we’ve had quite a full day!

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