We’re on a roll……………..

Well,  we’ve had another ‘quiet day’ (not) and the new cooker comes on the 20th.
I don’t need timers or flashy gizmos, I want to cook on it, not ride it to the moon, so armed with a list of four possibles all around the same price, we set off at 9.30 this morning.
Our final choice has a main fan oven, a secondary oven which incorporates a grill, and four ceramic rings. It is also in the most economic category, so shouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg every time I turn it on. In the cottage, if I had a baking session, it worked out at one unit of electricity an hour, so for less than 50p I could make cakes, cook a roast and also a few things for the freezer.
We got a pretty good deal with three years warranty, free delivery and installation all included, and although perhaps it was a little more than I would have normally wanted to pay, it is practically identical to the one we had in the cottage which is now sitting in MOH’s kitchen.

Hubby will have to cut the worktop once the gas hob is removed next week so we needed to purchase two end caps. As it was discount day in the DIY shop, we also came away with 6 boards for the attic!
We had a small problem with the kitchen flooring though as it ‘ended’ where we didn’t want it to and we’d have a bald spot visible even when the new cooker was in position.
So it was down to the local carpet store and we picked up an end of roll piece of cushion floor lino for £28. It was bigger than we needed, so we were able to put it right back to the wall on the cooker side.
Naturally it was a game and a half with the units in place, but although it took a while, we got there in the end and I must admit, it looks pretty damn good!
We need a new carpet strip for the doorway though as the old one looks very tatty. Hubby had taken the door off so that we could work, and noticed it needed shaving at one end. That done, he also noticed another small repair, so got the panel pins out and did that too.

Tomorrow, we shall be getting said carpet strip and I also need to think about some baking tins as I haven’t got any at all now! There’s an excellent kitchen shop in the next town so I shall be heading in there.

Thanks Mum!



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7 Responses to We’re on a roll……………..

  1. Collecting just what is needed is time well spent.
    YEA for making progress

  2. New houses are always so much fun. I’ve always gone for the most basic appliances I can get. I just want them to do what they’re supposed to do, without all the bells and whistles. And I find I like the apartment sized appliances in my kitchen much more than the big ones I used to have – easier to clean, cheaper to run, more space around them, and they’re just so darn cute!

  3. Michael says:

    Don’t you love it when things start coming together….good luck with everything.

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