The Return of The Beast

We have been warned that the Beast from the East is going to make a reappearance this weekend. We are naturally ‘thrilled’ (not).
We received our heating bill today and I’m pleased to say we are well within budget. In fact, the utility company wanted us to reduce our monthly payments by 35% rather than run up a large credit on our account. I had deliberately over calculated when we moved here so as not to have any nasty surprises, and of course with the horrendously cold weather when The Beast arrived a little while ago, our heating consumption rocketed. That aside, we are still nicely in credit, but I’ve asked for our payment to be reduced by 25% instead to put us in good stead for next winter.
We are actually running a spreadsheet with our meter readings and were only 63p out in our calculations!
We’ve already noticed a significant drop in the evening temperatures and an increase in  wind velocity over the past few days, so I prefer to err on the side of caution.

Today we’ve walked Maggie almost 2 and a half miles so far, having just got back from our third walk.
The wind is bitter again, and the sea angry, huge frothing waves cresting yards out where not that long ago we were walking. Remember this from last month?
Taking note of the position and angle of flying flags, Hubby calculated that the wind has a speed of around 30 mph. He does this by taking the approximate angle of the bottom of the flag to the mast and dividing it by three. The flag today was roughly at 90º . I copied this from Accuweather just now, and 46 kph equates to 28.58 mph, 48 kph to 29.83 mph and 50 kph to 31.07 mph (rounding up to 2 digital places), so it’s pretty close!

Although it’s not raining at the moment, it has been off and on all day, but we’ve managed to get our walks in between showers. We are so glad we have our yellows which keep the wind out as well as keep us dry should we get caught out. Because of the change in temperature, we have also been putting Maggie’s little jacket on. Even she wanted to get home this time as rather than walk up into town, she headed towards the park.
We weren’t ones to argue!
Photo: 28th Feb 2018

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  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Absolutely freezing here today. Have just come back home and will not be venturing out again.

  2. Ugh! I need spring.

  3. I just hate the wind on my walks. I don’t mind the cold, but as soon as the wind gets bad, I don’t want to be outside.

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