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I have never been one to sew, the sort of gal who’d rather go out and buy a new blouse than sew a button on an old one. My Dad often used to joke about giving someone a button and asking them to sew a shirt on it. In our household, Hubby is the whizz with the sewing machine, not me.

Now my paternal great grandmother was a seamstress, and Sis and I had the best dressed dollies in the street as she would make them outfits out of the left over fabric from whatever she’d just made us.
Some of her material choices were, shall we say, a little bright or snazzy to update her aged patterns, and unfortunately being the younger daughter, I had to wear most frocks twice as they were always handed down.
Mum made me a school dress out of green check gingham, and the blouse I started in needlework never got detached from the pattern, let alone sewn. Sis made a frock for her ‘O’ level  but it was too small for her so she gave it to me. To be honest, I liked it, but when she got married and decided to make the bridesmaid dresses, I wasn’t too keen on the velvet type fabric as it made me itch and the post box hat and muff were definitely not my cup of tea. Still, it was her day.

Fabrics aren’t exactly cheap to buy either, and for us to make curtains for the boat would have set us back a tidy sum. So we cheated and used bath sheets instead. It worked until we noticed the sun lines, so we lined our next efforts using a double white sheet cut to size instead of lining material (£5.99 compared to £8 a metre).
Fabrics these days are very hit and miss though. Those that appear warm and furry shed and shrink when washed, and a lot of today’s materials all bear the label ‘Do not tumble dry.’ This was a particular bummer on the boat as we had no choice BUT to tumble dry our clothes, so one of the first things Hubby put up here was a washing line.

When clothes shopping (another thing I hate on a par to sewing) you can shoot peas through the fabric of women’s tee shirts, so I stick to guys. Also, a ladies tee is more likely to shrink in the wash, and I’m not making excuses about failing diets here.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    I used to sew little dresses for my kids, but it soon became much cheaper to buy them than the material. I find clothes these days are badly made of cheap material and just don’t last. In fact, nearly all my clothes are “Dog clothes” and I am hard put to ‘dress up’! 🙂

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