Well, whadaya know?

This past week I have been making a conscious effort to get back on track with the weight watch thing. All I’ve been doing lately is watching the scales register in the wrong direction, and I had been doing so well too.

This time last year I had just had the last of my radiotherapy sessions, having put the ‘diet’ on hold because my tattoos wouldn’t line up with the lasers if I lost any more.
Good job I’m not having it now, as it would be a job finding them in the layers of flab that have materialised.
Not that I am anywhere near as heavy as I was when I started in 2016, but it is a shame that I have taken such a backward step.

I admit my efforts have been somewhat half-hearted over these past six months, but I have been trying to eat all the right things like plenty of fresh fruit and veg. It’s just that they’re all sandwiched between the bad things (see tomorrow’s final Just Jot Jan and you’ll see what I mean), and it has been so easy to slip back into bad (but tasty) habits.

With changes to eating routines and Hubby’s diet, it has been odd trying to do little and often for him and 3 meals a day for me. If he snacks, then I usually want some too, and even having a larger portion at shared mealtimes doesn’t stop the cravings.
We’ve stopped buying biscuits and are limiting ourselves to one cake treat a week (and no, that would not be a sixteen portion gateaux).

My three-day stews are now very familiar mentions in my blog, and we had Day One of the latest today. We added garlic for a change, as that can help Hubby with his blood pressure.
Potatoes, onions, swede, carrots, parsnips, leeks sometimes and turnips if we can get one, it is all veg based with 2 pints of stock in the pressure cooker. Stock cubes are quite high in salt, but as we have it over a period of three days, we are well within the recommended 6g per day.
You would think that it would be good for us and help with weight control.
All I can say from my armchair expertise is, perhaps stew is not the way to have all your veggies. All of the goodness goes into the stock so we’re not losing anything, but it didn’t seem to be working in respect of weight loss.
So this week, I have experimented a little and had meals with veg on the side as well as our stew during the day, as per the SW bible, having one third of your plate as ‘speed food’.
Photo: One taken on the boat when I first started SW in 2016.

Result! I have actually lost four pounds this week. Now all I need is the other eight to join their chums and I will be where I was a year ago.
I don’t expect this much success every week, but if I can lose a pound a week over the next couple of months I shall be well pleased.
There is a SW meeting locally every Wednesday, but I would have to start again as a new member. To be honest, money is still a little tight, so I am going it alone sotospeak.
Hopefully I will not have to resort to Plan B.
Watch this space as I report my progress (again) under Monday Motivation!!


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6 Responses to Well, whadaya know?

  1. foguth says:

    By chance do you like dark chocolate? I buy the 80% type and have learned that a square of that is a good snack and it seems to sooth my appetite. Brushing my teeth after eating makes my mouth feel clean and I’m less likely to snack, too.

    • I do indeed. The higher the cocoa content, the better it is for diabetics like me. A glass of water before a meal also helps as does one during, but then it makes me want the loo more often! I don’t know if my will power is strong enough yet to open a bar and only eat one square though. I can always try šŸ˜‰

  2. colinandray says:

    Good for you for getting back into food control mode! Your body will thank you for it! šŸ™‚

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