Play it again?

I am one of the fortunate people who has a good ear for music and can pick up the general melody of a song from just a few airings. It used to frustrate the hell out of Sis as she struggled with her piano lessons whereas I was happily plonking away in another room in another key but the tune was recognisable.

One of the last pieces I ‘mastered’ before selling my piano four years ago was an instrumental by Vangelis. I played this particular track over and over and over until I had it ‘right’ in my head, then transposed it to the key I was most content playing in (F# or the black keys for those who aren’t familiar) and was extremely pleased with the end result.
This isn’t me playing, but a google image.

I had a greatest Hits CD plus the soundtrack from Blade Runner (the original) and  believed it was Rachel’s Song I’d picked up.

Like most things, if you don’t use them, or in my case play them, they soon become forgotten, and this was no exception. Now that I have another keyboard, I am wanting to play all my favourites, and well, I couldn’t remember how this one went after the first couple of bars.

Hubby being the genius he is found the relevant music on the internet and we have been listening (and watching) some of the most amazing music I have ever heard.
Rachel’s Song was not the tune by the way, and it actually took us over an hour to find the one I was looking for, purely because I could remember the album cover.
Hubby has now downloaded hours of Vangelis, and yes, my melody is amongst it.
It’s Prelude (without the singing), and I have had a go today. It’s coming back but still patchy, so needs work and digging into the recesses of my musical mind to retrieve it.
Listen and enjoy this beautiful classic.
(Youtube link)



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14 Responses to Play it again?

  1. foguth says:

    I envy that ability! I was like your sister and had to struggle.

    • I struggled too in learning the notes and tempo when trying to apply them to the keys (my own lessons helped with the latter). I have my music O level, mainly because I scored highest on the oral part. Music has always played a big part in my life, especially when I was stressed and suffering from severe depression. I am blessed to have my natural gift.
      (Just noticed a couple of ‘puns’ in my reply, they were not intentional 🙂 🙂 )

      • foguth says:

        I like puns, so wouldn’t admit if they weren’t intentional 😉
        One of my aunts had the amazing ability to hear a song, then sit down an play it…. she never had a lesson in her life. I had 7 years of lessons, but no one would ever confuse me with a musician.

      • I am very similar, and didn’t have lessons until I was 12 as my Dad wanted me to have the chance to learn. My tutor cottoned on after 2 years why I always asked for him to play my new piece first as I played what I heard, not what was written. He told my Dad he couldn’t teach me………. not because I didn’t want to learn, but because I had a natural gift and if it was forced, I probably would never play again.

      • foguth says:

        My lessons began much earlier (6) and one thing I disliked was being forced to play classical music, when I preferred music I heard on the radio…. Strangely enough, Mozart has become my favorite.

      • I always wanted to be able to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, but never seemed able to get a version to listen to at length so that I could interpret it in my own way.

  2. scifihammy says:

    Good for you! I’m sure you’ll pick it all up again in no time and have hours of enjoyment. 🙂

  3. Would you believe I can do the same? My parents first discovered it when I was 6 years old as I played any song I heard with relative ease. They then enrolled me in a proper piano class to learn how to read the knotes. I just couldn’t do that though and the teacher gave up in the end as she thought forcing me to learn would ruin the natural ability to play.

    • Welcome music sister! I was about 3 when I first sat at the keyboard. Dad played by ear and I guess passed his gift to me, though he admitted his was nothing like mine. We played old duets and messed about, then he caught me playing both parts when I was about 8 and said I was doing just fine without him. Happy memories. I miss him.

      • Have you been able to do the same with any other instrument though? I’m quite keen on taking up the guitar these days….

      • I tired a guitar and couldn’t get my fingers organised, though I would dearly have loved to be able to play one, they’re easier to carry around for a start! Mouth organ, recorder, piano accordion, yes, I could play those. Couldn’t get a squeak out of a sax or clarinet though! Sis had a go at the cello, but my legs weren’t long enough to wrap round it at the time. She would probably have smashed it over my head if I’d managed to play it better than her anyway.

      • Your comment about the guitar made me smile coz that’s exactly how I feel about it too. Booked a trial session next week. Lets see. I think i’ll get frustrated and give up though.

      • You may be surprised! I had no lessons or guideline and only tried it on my sisters when she got one on a whim. Now, put it across my knees and play it like a hawaiain guitar, and I was well in! Good luck!

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