Film review: another sequel.

In total contrast to F&F 8, we have this.

Gru has a twin brother, Dru.
Whereas Gru is now a secret agent and a good guy, Dru wants to be a bad guy under Gru’s tutelage. Unfortunately Gru and Lucy are fired from their jobs for letting the bad guy escape, again.
The villain in this is Balthazar Bratt, an annoying child star who never grew up in his head but did in his body when it broke out in acne and his show was subsequently cancelled.
I really did find the character extremely irritating (loved the bald patch at the back of his mullet cut) but the music he danced to was good.

Add to the story Lucy having maternal bonding issues, and an exodus of the Minions led by Mel, the story revolves around Gru and Dru’s new found brotherhood relationship and their joint attempt at stealing back the largest diamond in the world from Bad Boy Bratt.

It’s not bad.
The gadgetry is still there, but there are borrowed ideas from Ghostbusters and the large Mallow Guy going on the rampage, though in this instance it’s a giant Bratt doll out to destroy Hollywood for dumping him, the never ending expanding bubble gum bombs from The Incredibles (yes, we have that too) and the thousands of little ‘space ships’ similar to Independence Day (aka mini Bratts in this) attacking the good guys as they go in to save the day.

Have the tissues ready for Gru’s attempt at telling a beautiful Agnes that Unicorns aren’t real the night before she goes off into the forest to find one.  I could adopt that little girl right here and now.

Not a patch on either the original or the foot tapping Happy in Despicable Me 2, I give this 

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