Letter writing as usual.

I have written to my Mum three times since our arrival here and contacted the care home twice.
It would appear that Mum is settling in and participating in all of the activities, responding well to the stimulation as we thought she would. Her initial fortnight’s stay has been extended, though it’s not clear for how long or if it will become permanent.
When I was asked if my sister had contacted me (I haven’t heard from her at all actually since Mum went in), I said we weren’t close, though when the matter had been discussed together several months ago, Hubby and I were all for it as it could only be good for Mum.
From what I was told on Sept 27th, Mum had been left on her own quite a lot, so it’s no surprise then that she responds well to visitors. My nieces have been in to see her at the home and Other Brother was due to visit last Thursday.

The journey for us will be seven hours again, though our plan is that when we next go down to see MOH and finally get his heating sorted out, I shall leave the guys to it and go to visit Mum on my own. It’s only an hour and a half from him so I can stay a lot longer.
My intentions otherwise are to contact the home at least once a week, and when possible speak to Mum. When I called today, she wasn’t up yet, but by all accounts she is eating her meals in the dining room with the other residents and conversing with several during the day.
Other Brother rang me last weekend to say his visit had gone very well and he hadn’t seen Mum so interactive for quite a while. He too believes the stimulus from her current surroundings is doing her the world of good.  She knew who they were, and could remember lots of little things. She told him that we’d sold the boat, just in case he didn’t know.
My niece has put a family picture of the wedding up in Mum’s room and has labelled everyone in it.
Hopefully we will be able to arrange a visit before too long.


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9 Responses to Letter writing as usual.

  1. foguth says:

    I know this is doubtful, but by any chance could your mum use skype? When we travel overseas, we use that to keep in touch with friends and family… it’s nice to be able to see everyone and talk at the same time, but would require skype accounts and wifi on each end.

    • Mum is not computer savvy, though we did try to get her interested when she visited us before and we were skyping with Bro in NZ. My sister didn’t encourage her with anything other than the remote for the TV I’m afraid.

      • foguth says:

        If your mum masted the TV remote than she’s more tech-savvy than I am! Unfortunately, I’m being serious… my husband has our TV rigged with cable, DVD, a computer and a few other things – total of 5 remotes… I gave up trying to sort it out after the 3rd got rigged in.

      • Computers know fear, and mine quivers in it’s microchips each time I switch on. I have not had a good day with the internet today.

      • foguth says:

        My husband is an excellent mechanic and for years, it has frustrated me that when I report something sounding/acting wrong and he checks it, the thing behaves perfectly… It’s like they know he’ll take them apart if they misbehave around him.

      • Our men could be related in that respect then!

      • foguth says:

        I’m glad to find someone who understands how frustrating it is when I report the aberrant activity only to have the dratted computer (or car) behave perfectly when my husband is within ten feet.

  2. Somehow I missed the fact that she was going to a care facility. Sounds like she does better there. Perhaps your sister is in overload with caretaking. It would be nice if she could stay at the facility if she gets good stimulation. Keeping the mind active and alert goes a long way to staying alive.

    • Sis sent me a text message three weeks ago to say Mum was going to be assessed and in respite for a couple of weeks. Apart from a curt ‘being left open’ response to my enquiry how long for, I’ve heard nothing else from her. Bro in NZ has rung the home to speak to Mum, and Other Brother has visited. I shall ring again tomorrow later in the morning and see if I can talk to Mum, then write to her. The family group feeling is that Mum is doing much better where she is, so if it is a prolonged stay, it can’t be seen as a bad thing. Sis doesn’t handle stress very well and I can appreciate she needs a break. Sadly there’s a lot of frustration there and I tend to be the one in the firing line. My main concern is for Mum’s well being, care and happiness.

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