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I have no idea if this will work, but I’m scheduling this post for a reblog to put you in the picture:

sort of.
Not that we actually had a deal, but we were optimistic, cheeky, and probably a damn pain contacting the estate agents every couple of weeks about one particular property that is still available after our initial viewing a few months ago.
You may remember it.
Woods at the bottom of the road, needing to be completely gutted and refurbished inside.
Each time I contacted the agent, the story was the same.
Our offer (which we didn’t increase on principle as the agent gave us little, if any, indication of what the vendor was expecting) was still refused, and at my last call, I was told that an offer of £110K had been rejected (this would’ve been our absolute maximum) and the vendor was holding out for the full amount.
Away you go Son. We’re bowing out as you obviously don’t want immediate money and greed suggests you can afford to wait.

The second property we were hoping for big time was actually beyond our budget, but if it had been picture perfect, I might’ve stretched to an extra £5K. However, the vendor was not prepared to drop that low (fair enough) so we have thrown that out too now.

Surprisingly, there is nothing new on the market in our price range in Wales, though I had to laugh today having received an email about a price reduction on a property ‘that falls within our criteria’.
The fact that we have already seen it through this very agent, shown around it by the very guy who actually sent the email, and had already sent our feedback directly to him that we had discounted it because it was in a ridiculously hilly area for someone with mobility issues, is hysterical.
I guess things are finally getting to me.

So, once again Wales has kicked us out, but at least we didn’t come back on a breakdown truck this time.
Checking Lincolnshire yesterday, 15 of the 17 properties we viewed last week are now sold STC. The two that aren’t are the Not on Your (or anyone else’s) Nellies that we wouldn’t touch with someone else’s barge pole. Both are on a par with the Wales property that needs gutting, but actually attract a higher asking price!
There is also another one come on the market in the road where we were gazumped, similar in design to two others we had seen and liked. I don’t like the garden on this one, though appreciate it is cosmetic and you don’t live in a garden. Somehow I don’t think it would be an issue as it is bound to be snapped up before we can view it.

Hubby had a good day yesterday, though he hated the location of the last one to view. It didn’t help that it was on the main A52, directly opposite a holiday park with nightly entertainment during the season. Sadly I couldn’t get in touch with the agent to stop her going to the property, but it turns out she lives in the area and had an early day, so she wasn’t too upset. I’ve promised her a box of biscuits.

One of the properties intended to view today has now been taken off the market which is a shame as it was one of our hopefuls. The agents for another next door to the ‘almost perfect but had no parking for visitors’ didn’t get back to me until gone 2pm (I rang at 9.15) by which time Hubby was miles away. As it turned out, Hubby had gone along that road, and it was totally chock-a-block with traffic which was all at a standstill.
I think we made the right decision not to pursue the almost perfect one then.

I had a pretty good day too, getting to grips with checking out areas more thoroughly on the internet with flood maps, street views (gave him the details of the aborted viewing before I’d done some ‘homework’) and ordnance survey views for railways and power lines.

We’re hoping the tide has turned. Watch this space!
(thought you might be a little tired of my house hunting image, so here’s a house mouse).


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