A££ in the Pa$t

MOH took us to an Antiques Fair today in Shepton Mallet.
Once we’d parked up and wee’d both dogs (we could take them inside), I realised that we’d been here before several years ago.
It wasn’t just the venue, but Hubby remembered he’d had to get the little stool out of the back of the car as my legs were too short to touch the ground from MOH’s vehicle of the time.
Ah yes, I remember it well!

I took an interest in a bird bath in the outside stalls and the gentleman came across to tell me all about it.
Image from google: similar design

It was a Valencian Boy Fountain dating back to the 19th century, and was made of lead.
He said if I found one similar with wings, it was 20th century, and would have been converted to a fountain rather than it being one originally.
It had a nice price tag too…. £599.

Inside was a mixture of bric a brac, toys, jewellery, furniture, crockery, cutlery, mining memorabilia, fabrics and rugs, all with amazing amounts attached.
Something caught my eye, and I had another lovely chat with the seller, even though I had no intention to buy.

Photos: Grandad.

For the ‘best price’ of £50, I could’ve bought Grandad’s brother or at least a cousin.

On another stall, I was stunned at the asking price of Wade figurines which I could remember getting free in Christmas crackers when I was a kid, and next door was a multitude of blown glass figures which were fetching well over £10 each, and I had three gay boxes full of them hanging in my bedroom!In the furniture hangars, I spied a lovely folding games table for chess and backgammon, with drawers to hold cards and chessmen. That had a nifty price tag of just £495.
Round the corner was a round drop table identical to the one we had been playing scrabble on these past couple of days. The label showed £185, so I asked MOH if he wanted a matching pair. He laughed and said no, then added that he had paid a lot more for his as it was in better condition.

There were Ladybird books for children, originally 15p (3 shillings old money), now selling at £2 plus. In contrast, rugs ran to the tune of thousands, willow pattern plates £24 each, and some ‘modern’ swedish swivel chairs were going for £450 apiece.
Hubby saw an original Grundig valve radio, still in working order, for £55. Now that I thought would have had a much bigger price tag.

On the way out, I saw a fringed silk shawl, similar to the one I used to drape over my makeshift dressing table. Asking price ……..  £75.
Google image

My mish mash bedroom contents would be worth a mint today!

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  1. scifihammy says:

    It’s amazing what some of our old things are worth these days!

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