Something in the air

This was a hit in 1969 for Thunderclap Newman, a 45 I played and played and played which probably drove the neighbours nuts!
However, this post is not about music.

It would appear that not only Hubby is having digestive problems but myself and the dog as well.
In so much discomfort this morning, he rang the surgery in the hope of getting an appointment rather than just a phone call today. No dice. There were appointments available this afternoon but they could not be given out. It’s at times like this I despair, someone is ill and cannot get to see a GP without jumping through hoops.
So he waits.

Every so often, a sweet and sour whiff wafts past my nostrils, and her ladyship is breaking wind for England in her sleep. Her diet hasn’t changed, though she has been having more dog biscuits as they help her motions pass easier, but I think she is picking up on stress from us.
She is also throwing her coat like there is no tomorrow, and I don’t mean the odd hair or two, but huge clumps of fur at a time. I can’t see any bald patches, and we are brushing her every day now, but with the amount that’s coming off her when we do, it’s like having a phantom dog waiting in the wings!

For me, I am having similar reflux issues as Hubby, but know what my problem is.

Anxiety is not the same as comfort eating in my book, though I am trying to keep to sensible meals, but it’s all gone for a bucket of chalk over the past few weeks.
Instead of having a cooked or main meal in the evening, to help with Hubby’s current problem, we have been having it around lunchtime………… if we’re not running around doing something else.  Sometimes therefore a main meal gets missed, and it’s a snack, or snacks, or constant picking and nibbling.
I’m eating lots of fruit again, but I just feel more hungry, and yesterday finally opened a large packet of crisps that had been lurking at the back of the cupboard (the Ferrero Rocher are still intact by the way).
I had a cheese omelette and salad for my main meal whilst Hubby had a safe bowl of veg soup. Sounds pretty good of me doesn’t it….. until you add in the biscuit barrel, or a couple of pieces of toast (with banana on top instead of spread or jam), or the left over cake from our visitors the other day, or a bag of liquorice allsorts.
Whilst the weight is not piling on, it’s sneaking up on me waiting to strike so today I intend to have an all out effort and minimum syns to try and get back into the swing of things.
On top of the health issues, I am anxious about the house and moving our stuff. We have done the sums and it seemed more cost-effective to use the car over three or four trips than to hire a van for a few days. But for convenience and timeframe, it may work out better to hire a van from the other end for 24 hours once we’ve driven up with the basics to get the keys after completion .
Throw in a short stay with MOH whilst some work is being done here, and time is running away from us to amalgamate somewhere else with us smack bang in the middle!
Today I tried to organise the electricity and gas takeover, and was losing my rag with every pre recorded message word coming across the wire. Eventually, Hubby managed to get a line to a person, and there was a wait for half an hour. Luckily, they have a call back system, and using this, eventually I spoke to a very nice and helpful lady who has given me a direct person to person line and a reference number so that things can start rolling once we have a completion date or have moved in. It means we will have to pay the existing supplier for a few weeks until takeover, but it’s another thing off my tick list of things to do. It’s reduced my anxiety by about half of one percent, not much but a start.
We are planning to go up again on Wednesday, but cannot take anything with us as we haven’t signed contracts yet, and they won’t be ready anyway. We had an email from our solicitor to say that the searches are all back, and they are just waiting for a response to their enquiries of the vendor’s solicitor (same company, different office). Add to that, our contact lady is out of the office on Wednesday.

I go to bed tired, read a little to get VERY tired, then as soon as the lights are off, music starts playing in my head (we have no radio upstairs, and the songs are totally random and unrelated) which I can’t switch off. Early nights or not, I’m still awake past midnight, and last night got up at 1am to take the dog out. Hubby thankfully wasn’t disturbed and actually had a few hours of continued deep sleep, that was until he slid off his pillows and the acid reflux woke him up.
I suppose I finally fell asleep around 2.30, and was awake again before 6 when Hubby got up, then dozed for an hour or so.

He’s had the call from the doc now, and has one of those appointments this afternoon. From his chat with her, it appears he has done all the right self-help things, so now it’s over to her.

On a scale of 1 to 10 my anxiety is about 15 (but I think reducing).


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  1. This part is always the worst. Once you can start doing things, it all gets better but you already know that.

  2. I think a 15 on the scale of 1 to 10 is pretty good for all that is going on there!

  3. fransiweinstein says:

    I feel your stress level. Have you ever meditated? I find it helps me. Good luck with all this stuff — it will get sorted out, but waiting for it is never any fun.

  4. scifihammy says:

    It must be a really stressful tome for you all. Sorry to hear you’re all suffering physically. On a positive note, there is an end in sight, so just hang in there and Good Luck. 🙂

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