Another long day pending

We are off tomorrow and have no less than 6 properties lined up to view.
Hubby and I have both become so confused, we’ve forgotten where we’re going! AAArrgh!!
Anticipating a phone call on saturday, I thrust a scrap of paper in my bag when we went out. I’m glad I still have it, as on it are the addresses of our first two appointments, and the addresses of THREE more, 2 of which I was waiting on phone calls.

Luckily for me, the two in the morning are with the same agent, and the other three are also with one agent, so like last week, I have been able to get one person to ’round robin’ the viewings in the afternoon.
We do have just one small tilt though:
Hubby has booked an appointment for 3pm to view a brand new property (show home actually) but I’ve forgotten where.
Sadly, it is not one of those I’ve bookmarked, nor do we have corresponding details in our email.
Working backwards, I remembered the agent (another one) had rung us on Saturday to confirm the appointment and I rang what I thought was the right number to request details to our email, pleading confusion and route plotting.

Suitably armed with all the data now, Hubby and I can run off paper copies for our search, plot the route in the GPS and just hope I haven’t dropped a clanger and not allowed enough time to get from one to the other. I did go with the times we’d asked for, so fingers crossed!

Maybe this week guys……………….. maybe this week!


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12 Responses to Another long day pending

  1. Here’s hoping this week is the charm!

    (And you are definitely becoming friends for the gas (/petrol) stations around there!)

  2. House hunting…it’s starts out being fun, then becomes stressful. Wishing you all the best…your place is out there…somewhere.

  3. foguth says:

    Hope you find the perfect one & at the right price.

    • Us too. It’s taking much longer than we thought it would, mind you if there hadn’t been a lease on that first one, we would probably have been in by now (or about to).

      • foguth says:

        Too bad the lease couldn’t be broken…. of course, I’m sure the tenants wouldn’t agree.

      • The old lady put it in place to protect her occupancy when she gifted the property to her children to stop them selling it from under her. They said it would be surrendered on exchnage, but we have heard horrnedous tales of leases being sold on and not removed, in which case we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on after buying the place, and would have to pay!

      • foguth says:

        Our country has some very suspect rules, too. For instance, I’ve seen a couple houses which were vacant and on sale which people somehow managed to get into – and move into – then, when the properties were sold, the court awarded the squatters right, so it was nearly impossible to evict them!!! I mean they didn’t own the place and didn’t even have a rental contract! One would think they could be easily thrown out, but the last time I heard about this, the new owner was basically blackmailed into paying those squatters $5,000 to get out!
        Situations like this make me question the sanity of our judicial system.

      • It’s a mental minefield.

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