Diabetes check

Just over a week ago, I made an appointment for my diabetes MOT.

Then a funny thing happened on Friday.
I received a letter dated the 22nd June from the surgery saying my check up was due and to make an appointment for a blood test and ‘orange’ appointment with the diabetes nurse ten days later.

I had my blood test (as already arranged) this morning, together with the one for gout.
As there was some confusion between the letter and face to face appointment making as to where I should go, I went up to reception and had a little chat.

Yes, I was in the right place for my blood test with the nurse.
No, I did not need to go to phlebotomy as per the letter.
Yes, my appointment on 10th July was an orange one for the results and my diabetes check up.
My sugar level normally hovers around the 4.3 mark.
Obviously last year I had a bit of fun and games with my blood pressure, and my weight
was rounded up to 100kg by the nurse when I went for my last check up.
It will be interesting to see what changes have occurred since June 2016.

The nurse today needed a revision course in people skills.
She was sullen, unsmiling, had no personality and everything was such an effort, she needs to be prescribed some happy pills.
I explained that my right arm was probably the best one to attack for blood as the veins in my left seemed to dive for cover. No reaction.
Hubby added about them being made of Kevlar. Nothing, not even a hint of a smile.
I told her I tended to fall over after a blood test, so she said tersely ‘You want to lie down then?’
Effort to unwind the paper sheet on the couch dotted with a heavy sigh or three.

Give her her due, when she put the needle in, I didn’t feel much, though a bit of light- headedness occurred by the time she’d finished (4 phials) so I had to stay put for a while.
Definitely not a happy bunny in her job today.
Hubby said this was actually normal as she does his INR each time and he’d never seen her even slightly jovial.

Luckily for me she is not the diabetes nurse, but even she is a few teeth short of a grin.


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  1. Jael Sook says:

    “A few teeth short of a grin”–priceless! I don’t know why people go into healthcare professions if their people skills are lacking…when we go in for “health stuff” we’re probably not feeling the greatest, so we don’t need the “grim and bear it” folks to make things worse. Regarding our earlier chat about type 2 diabetes, when I saw my Dr today he put me on a carb-blocker drug–and I go back for more labs in 5 weeks. The really good news was that, despite having to quit an antibiotic early due to bad reaction, the UTI had cleared up entirely–a Miracle, yay God! Do you have any good–as in delish, easy to cook–diabetes recipes to recommend? Thanks for your time and encouragements–I’m keeping you on my prayer list for continued health improvements 🙂

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