Headline prompt 19th May:

A headline on the morning news bulletin made me laugh today as apparently we are a hairier nation than we used to be.
If you’ll excuse the pun (ie head-line) take a look at these, used in a post over a year ago.

I would love for my hair to be this long and look this good.
All images in this post are from google.

At first I thought it was going to be about trips to the hairdresser and salon/barber costs, but the article was concerned with hair removal products, so I’m thinking creams, waxes or the good old-fashioned razor.
To be honest, I’m not surprised sales have bombed having seen the price of some of these ‘treatments’.
I used a cream once and not only did it sting on application, but it brought me out in a horrendous rash.
I had my legs waxed once (well twice if you count them both) and it bloody hurt.
Mel Gibson did it in What Women Want, and Steve Carell went one step further having his chest done. Now that really hurt as he did it for real!
My Dad was always curious why his cut throat razor seemed to go blunt overnight, little knowing I was using it on my teenage legs before investing in a tiny ladies razor! New blades always meant little nicks, but legs were smooth, or at least they were for a couple of days before the stubble became apparent! When I was working, I bought a Ladyshave which came in a travel pouch and was quite effective provided I defuzzed my pins every week.

Guys these days seem to have head hair as long as the girls, but as to other body regions, I’d rather not go there. Going back to my picture, I’ve never liked hairy chests anyway.
It would be like snuggling up to a brillo pad at night.

I suppose ladies tend to want to get rid of unwanted body hair more than the guys, I mean tufty eyebrows, upper lip fuzz, chin whiskers, underarm copses and leg forests aren’t exactly fetching on a gal, though for these celebrities, underarm hair made a comeback some years ago.
As for bikini or Brazilian waxes, that would be an emphatic NO WAY from me.

Of course there are more permanent alternatives like electrolysis and laser treatments:

Way beyond my purse I’m afraid, and I haven’t shaved any part of me for years now.
I was told that my radiotherapy would stop any underarm hair from growing.
I’ve never had a lot, so I didn’t really notice!


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  1. I’ve always loved that poetic “hoary-headed” whatever… And, hairy pits? I’m not sure. And the Brazilian waxers wanting to look like little girls again, hairless? Cannot understand that psychology. Well, I still shave my face. It’s a guy thing for me. As I have aged, well “Hairless in Gaza….” Nature is taking care of that. Good piece here. :o) And a fun topic.

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