Blissful Thinking

It’s been such a long time, something I haven’t done or participated in for three years.
The time before that was about twenty, days when it was a regular occurrence where I would simply lie back and let capable fingers transport me to an exotic paradise of total bliss.

Sorry to shatter any illusions for a naughty kind of post, but I’m talking about a visit to the hairdresser.
My first ever perm was a nightmare as they forgot to neutralise me so that when I washed my hair a week or so later, it all matted together. I had a carpet on my head which had to be cut out as even the professionals couldn’t get a brush or comb through it.

In subsequent years I did have the afro type perms, aka ‘wash and go’ cuts, as it meant no fuss at all with fancy roller brushes and the hairdryer followed by tweaks with tongs, straighteners, curlers or mousse. Whenever a hairdresser blow-dried it though, it always did exactly what she wanted and looked wonderful. Betty and I are kindred spirits on that one.
These days, it’s a simple wash, comb through, apply Frizz serum and just let it dry naturally as our hairdryer is in storage. There is no way I’m walking down to the shower block on the marina to use the one I had been using since living on the boat!
Hubby never knows what to give me for my birthday, so this year I asked if he’d pay for me to visit the hairdresser for a professional cut. I got several recommendations from friends and last week trotted the High Street for prices, which ranged from £28 to £50.
I had been hoping for £15 to £20, but then it just goes to show how out of date I am.
Never mind, Hubby said he’d pay so I made an appointment for 9.30 today for a cut and blow dry at £25.

I’ve always enjoyed the pummeling massage of the hair wash, the slathering on of conditioner followed by more pummeling before the final rinse.
My hair was longer than the chair back so I had to stand up for Michelle to get a good ‘solid line’ before she started. I explained that I wanted to keep the length as I was growing it long enough to sit on, but needed a good tidy up as it was a little frizzy and uneven from my home trims.
As it turned out, it wasn’t too bad, and she only had to cut off around one and a half to two inches before she started the blow dry.
Using a large flat brush (similar to Maggie’s one below actually!),  she sectioned my hair and began.
I have a lot of natural colour left, but the grey is gradually streaking heavier and thicker across my head, but all in all it was looking good.
She also used straighteners which made it look longer than when I walked in!
I don’t like hairsprays as they tend to make me sneeze or make my hair sticky, but
I’ve left it loose today rather than drag it back in scrunchy.
Hubby will like that.

Additional note for comparison (Hubby took today’s shots for me)
  October 2016



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