Knock On Effect (The early hours)

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We had a plan today, insomuch as I was going to keep Maggie out of Hubby’s way whilst he did some more varnishing along the corridor which would get brushed with fur if she so much as looked at it.
I’d managed to catch a few hours sleep on the bench, but woke up stiff and cold about 4am, so got my coat and draped that over me, tucking my feet under Maggie’s bench blanket. Hubby was peacefully asleep and I didn’t want to disturb him.
Her ladyship was quite content to curl up behind my knees, and we slept until just after 7.
I got up and as Hubby was just stirring, took her for a walk round the Avenue.
When I got back, he was up, the bed made and he was getting breakfast.
Our plan stood, but with the added agenda that I would take up the washing and get that done while he varnished.
Rather than sit and wait in the chilly laundry room (the marina turned off the heating in here and in the showers some time ago), I decided to walk Maggie over the other side and call in on a boating friend, then come back, put the washing in the dryer, and walk up to the supermarket to get something to go with our sweet and sour mix for tonight.

All was going really well until I got back to check on the drying which hadn’t quite finished and my phone rang.
Hubby wanted to know where I was and for me to come down and collect the bedding as  the pot had fallen over when he was clearing up and it was covered in varnish.
From then on, everything went downhill very fast, including me.

I left Maggie in the car and got back to the boat to find duvet, duvet cover, sheet, mattress protector and mattress cover piled in a heap on the back and a very angry Hubby having discovered he would have to replace carpet tiles.
The duvet was a write off so went straight in the bin.
There was a wash load in the machine that hadn’t started yet, which turned out to belong to our friends who offered to take it out.
We declined as it wasn’t fair and the launderette round the corner was open until 1pm anyway.
What tipped me over the edge was Maggie.
She has started licking her feet incessantly again, and I smacked her. Twice.
Then I burst into tears.

Our friends were instantly supportive, and once I’d calmed down, I got the iron out and carried on with the laundry. Hubby drove off to the launderette to put our load in.
Our friends came back and gave me some daffodils, which almost started me off again. It is so good to know them, and they are affected by this hike even more than us as their boat is longer than ours by about 15 feet.
I finished my ironing, and we loaded up the car to go and collect the wash load to bring back to dry.
In the car, Hubby inspected the damage. The mattress protector was still badly marked, as was the duvet cover, so they were destined to join the duvet. The sheet was OK, and there is only a slight staining on the cover, but we have to have that to contain the memory foam mattress.
Off we went to the closest major town for a new duvet, duvet cover set, and mattress protector.

You would think it would be easy don’t you.
This is US you’re talking about. Hubby and Me. Nothing in our life just now is simple.

Four shops, and no duvet sets in brown (as was my set that was now in the bin and I was hoping to match/contrast the surviving brown sheet). Sure we could get a fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases and duvet cover in a bargain pack in blue, grey or a pale cream but no separate pillow cases to match as we have four pillows on the bed.
When purchasing two replacement carpet tiles, we did get a new duvet and protector but I’ll come back to that (I know, you can hardly wait can you).

So, we went to a major supermarket where we found a brown duvet set for just over a fiver, which was half the cost of what we had already seen.
Result. Smiles even. Things were looking up.
Getting back to the laundry room to put our cover and sheet in the dryer, I set the heat on low as last time it shrank and we had to squeeze a 4 foot mattress into a cover of only 3′ 9″.
The sheet dried OK, but I had to turn up the heat and put in another pound for the cover.
Getting the new bedding back to the boat, I noticed we’d picked up a SINGLE duvet by mistake, and as today is Sunday, I only had forty minutes to get back to the store to change it for a double.
I left Hubby to collect the cover when dry and do the carpet tiles as I legged it back up the pontoon and gantry to the car.
As it turned out, this particular store closed at 4.30 today rather than 4pm, so I had plenty of time to change my merchandise having to pay an additional £2.

Back at the boat, Hubby had done the tiles and so I offered to take Maggie out for yet another walk to give him some space so that he could put the bed back together.
She’s had about six miles today so she’d better sleep tonight!
It looked very inviting when I came back, and I so wanted to drop everything and just dive in. The mattress cover has shrunk again, so there may well be a ripping sound when we go to bed tonight as it flattens out under our weight and stresses the seams!

The varnishing looks good too doesn’t it, and Mum’s tapestries are bearing up well.

I feel calmer now that the dam has burst as we can build up our resolve again and not let them beat us.
OK, it has been a bit of a disasterous day, but it hasn’t been life threatening.
And my daffs are lovely. Thanks Julie ❤ .
The other flower was given to me by N on Tuesday as she was awarded the Highest Loser in our group and was given a massive bouquet. She picked out a single bloom to cheer me up and it has lasted really well in the mug as my vase is way too big. That toppled over a couple of weeks ago flooding the floor so has been banished to the bow.
Sigh. The idea of living on a boat is that the water stays on the outside.


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  1. What a trying day you’ve had!

  2. scifihammy says:

    I find that when you’re stressed every little thing becomes a mountain, but all you need is something to go right, and a kind word (or flowers) from a friend and problems can be solved again. 🙂
    I was buying two single fitted sheets the other day (the old ones are see-through!) and also battled to get what I wanted in a reasonable quality and not eg bright yellow!

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