A shopping we will go…………..

Food prices, especially fruit, are on the rise again.
My list these days consists of meat (optional depending on stew, ‘proper’ dinner, curry or spaghetti bolognese), veg, fruit and milk.
Not very inspiring is it. I’ve bought cheese this month, and a couple of packets of cereal, but other than that, we are managing day to day and just buying what’s required.

I bought some smoked ham today, and for 450g paid £1.75.
The last time I bought some was a couple of months ago at £1.45, and it wasn’t on special offer. I can get 5 or 6 meals of out it though.
Our UHT milk has gone up a penny a litre, but things like toilet and kitchen rolls have stayed the same as we paid last month.

I have deliberately avoided buying grapes as I was eating  my 49p pack of 170g in one sitting (in my defence it did say on the pack it was classed as one of your five a day) and having a small weight gain.  I was gobsmacked today to see that the price has increased to 72p, and the 500g packs to £1.85, so it is actually cheaper now to buy the big boy. I didn’t.

Blueberries have rocketed to £2.39 but that is for a large pack,  raspberries are £1.99 or £1.49 depending on how big you want them, and bananas are looking pretty ropey at 11p each or a decent pack of 5 for 72p. The crisp pears I like have gone up from 30p each to 39p, but you can get a 5 pack of smaller ones for £1.46, though they tend to be very ripe and go soft after about 4 days.

I spent just over £14, opting for salad for a change from cauli and broccoli (you’ll see what I mean from my photos), but even that has increased from 99p to £1.41.
Still, it will do me two days, and with my jar of baby beetroot, cherry tomatoes and lighter than light mayo, I had a pretty much syn free dinner today.
I also bought a black forest mix of frozen fruit, added two pears that had to be used up and made up my oats and granola crumble topping. It was exceptionally nice with quark, and I have enough to make something with crushed meringues or gingernut biscuits tomorrow.

Food for thought over the last couple of weeks:

Top: l: sweet and sour mushrooms. r: ham, pineapple and cheese jacket.
Middle: l: cauliflower cheese. r: tomato pasta.
Bottom: l: ham salad (no cauli or broccoli!). r:  black forest crumble.

We’ve been busy today though, so just had breakfast and an evening meal, having varnished half of the boat interior before going out so that it could dry without Furface shedding everywhere and giving us hairy walls.

Our blinds were ready to collect today instead of Friday, so we will be fitting them tomorrow. I came up with the idea of pelmets to block the workings in and also cover some of the blemishes that had come about when the boat was originally commissioned four years ago. We wondered why we had such large blocks on the walls above the windows.
Hubby has measured it all up and we have a simple design, but sitting here tonight I suddenly realised we may not have allowed for the (currently absent because of our double glazing) brackets on the opening part of the window, so may have to extend our depth by half an inch or so.
We plan to get the boat as shipshape as possible just in case we have to sell.


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and have a terrible sweet tooth. Best friends are Hubby, our dog Maggie, Bro in NZ, MSM and MOH (and his dog). I am also a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! Due to a nightmare of a house sale in 2014, 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat until April 2017. We made strong friendships both on and off the water, and enjoyed swan and duck families for neighbours. Sadly times change and we were once again house hunting until September. We now reside in a small bungalow a short distance from the beach on the Lincolnshire coast.
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4 Responses to A shopping we will go…………..

  1. stevetanham says:

    An inevitable consequence of Brexit and imports, sadly. It’s going to get a lot worse…

    • probably, so we’ll just tighten our belts like everyone else.

    • Why does everyone blame Brexit?
      It’s sheer commercial and stockmarket greed.
      That and consumers thinking fresh fruit grows 24/7/365.
      Personally I’d blame the supermarkets for not being more ‘seasonal’ in their vegetable and fruit selection although they are only responding to the weirdness that is consumer demands. 🙂

      • Bring back the days when strawberries, grapes and other soft fruit were only available in the summer, satsuma oranges and pommegranates at Christmas time, and I’d never heard of Ugli or Sharon fruit!

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