Tale Weaver #107: Lost 16.02.17

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tale-weaver-16-feb-lostShe couldn’t put her finger on it, but something was not quite right.
Examining the envelope, the writing seemed familiar, but that wasn’t it.
Her name was spelt correctly, her address printed carefully in full.
She broke the seal, and began to read.

‘Dear Sarah,
don’t freak, but you’re reading a letter from yourself sent ten years from today.
Yes, that’s right, ten years in the future.
You’d better sit down.’

She plonked herself on the bench and held the single sheet with trembling fingers.

If my calculations are correct, the date is May 16th 2006.
If not, you need to bear this date in mind as it is key as to what happens next, and I hope I am not too late.
Don’t ask me (or yourself) how this has happened. I have no idea, have been on no funny pills or wacky baccy, but somehow I (read you) have been given a precious gift which must not be wasted.
This afternoon,  May 16th 2006 that is, you have an important interview, but are in two minds whether to go. I did not go in my time and lost so much. You must go in yours.
It doesn’t matter if you get offered the position or not, that is not the issue. I cannot tell you more as it could ruin the timeline completely and cause you to make a serious error in judgement. Go to the interview, let fate take you where you were meant to be ten years ago. You won’t regret it.’

It was simply signed off
Good Luck,
May 2016.

Sarah looked at her watch. It was 10.55 and her interview was at 3.30.
She’d been having second thoughts for days, and decided just this morning that she wouldn’t go.  And then the post had arrived.
Looking again at the envelope, she studied the postmark more closely.
May 14th 2016, convincing herself that the 1 was smudged and it was actually a zero.
She soon dismissed the idea as the stamp depicted an important event that hadn’t happened….. well, not in her time………. yet.

Hurriedly, she dialled a familiar number.
‘Neil?’ she asked breathlessly. ‘Can you still give me a lift to that interview this afternoon?
I’ve changed my mind and decided to give it my best shot. You can? Thanks! You’re the best!’

Neil put the phone down and smiled. All was not lost and he would ask her on the journey.
The ring was still in his pocket.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    I very much enjoyed your response to the prompt. What an intriguing interpretation of “lost” but that we all couldn’t write over past selves letters of advice.
    Well done — another tale expertly weaved. I thought there would be a nice twist at the end, and I wasn’t disappointed.
    Thanks for participating.

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