It’s gonna be a long day

It’s been almost six months since I last saw my Mum, so as I am feeling much better in myself, we are going Down South tomorrow to visit.
I rang ahead this time to give Sis notice that we are coming, and to make sure no-one is poorly or appointments are pending.
All clear, though Sis has become involved in organising a kiddie’s birthday party, even though she is not a relation.

February is a difficult time for her as the anniversary of losing her husband approaches on the 20th. I know she enjoys preparing this youngster’s birthday every year as it eases the pain of her loss by doing something more positive than brooding.
mum-15-sept-2016For my part, I am looking forward to seeing Mum. She knows I’ve had an operation, but not what for, neither does she know about the radiotherapy sessions I’ve had.
It will also be the first time I’ve seen my sister since she achieved her target at SW, so there will be considerably less of her!  I’m a stone lighter than when I last saw them, and wonder if either will actually notice!

The journey is horrendous.
It’s not too bad on the motorway provided we get our timing right, but from Shaftesbury/Salisbury (depending on which way we go) it is all villages, fluctuating speed limits, few dual carriageways and hills.
It’s a distance of 150 miles, and can take us anything from 3½ to 6 hours.
Our plan is to leave as early as possible (we’ve already fuelled up the car) and hopefully be off the motorway by 9am.
The good news is that the schools are on half term break.
The bad is that Friday is a delivery day so there will be a lot of HGVs on the road, and we could also hit the 9 am rush hour. Last time we got stuck behind farm vehicles before Shaftesbury and HGVs going up a 1 in 6 gradient afterwards.

Meals will be random. When we change drivers, we’ll stop for a Maggie break and grab a bacon roll and coffee. Lunch may be something offered at the other end, and our evening meal will be purchased on the road on the way back. These days, travelling affects our appetites anyway, and we shall be making sure we have food and water for Maggie as she doesn’t travel well either.
hamworthy 2 hamworthyWe’ll have a couple of hours with Mum, and if the weather’s good, maybe we can encourage her to come out for a drive, maybe taking Maggie down to Hamworthy Park. We’d then start the homeward journey, aiming to get ON the motorway between 4pm and 5pm if at all possible so that we are past the adjoining bottlenecks before the rush hour kicks in.
It will be good to see her.
happy birthday


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  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with your Mom.

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