Diagnosis……….. Diabetes?

First and foremost this is not a medical post and I consider diabetes a serious issue.

Last night coming back from my SW meeting, Hubby and I got into conversation with a lady who has not been well since a month or so before Christmas when she went down with some flu type bug that knocked her for six for about three weeks.
She has been to and from the doctor every couple of weeks since, and none of the antibiotics she has been prescribed have done anything to resolve her health issues.
After treating her for chest infections, nausea, nasal blockages, ‘flu, and a stomach disorder, they are now planning a ECG having decided she is a type 2 diabetic, which has scared her half silly as she is fearful of having to rely on injections and a special diet.

Trying to reassure her somewhat by telling her I was type 2 and on no medication as I control it with diet, she seemed to relax a little.
Obviously everyone is different, but from what she was saying has made me wonder if her GP is actually listening to her or if she isn’t being exactly honest with him in the first place.

I was told I was Borderline Type 2 in October 2011 but it was a receptionist who told me I would have to go on statins. My comments and attitude to that can be found here in my blog, and in short, the answer is No, I won’t take them, having words with the doctors every six months following my blood tests.
Now blood tests, there’s another thing. The Lincolnshire lot were adamant they had to be fasting ones, yet the ones I’ve had here are not (also no mention of the S word).
My body doesn’t give up anything without a fight, thus having starved myself for twelve hours plus I would come over all giddy and hit the deck if I wasn’t already lying down.
on the floorSince moving here, everything, including my cholesterol, has reduced so could that be because I have eaten normally before blood was drawn and my system didn’t need to go into panic mode trying to keep me upright?
At my last check up in June, the diabetes nurse (not the one who mentioned SW to me) said I was a ‘Standard Type 2’ and would only need to be seen once a year instead of twice.
OK, I can live with that, from Borderline to Standard. ‘Ordinary’ rules for me.

But another wordology that has come to light for a disease that affects so many who aren’t even aware they have the condition is ‘Pre-Diabetic’.
I’m understanding that as the warning signs are there but haven’t taken hold yet.
If the onset of diabetes can be prevented, then I’m all for it.
For me, being type 2 isn’t a problem (yet, hopefully, if ever).
We eat well and have the sweet stuff , the recent weight loss has certainly helped, and come my next blood test and check up, maybe my readings will be lower than last time.
sugar chartBut for this lady, I think there is more to it, and her GP is trying his best to be thorough.
She doesn’t drink or smoke, and says she eats a varied diet.
It’s just an observation, but both she and her partner are overweight and I don’t know if they get any exercise other than walking to and from the car.
As for their eating habits, I can’t say as I’ve never seen them loaded down with shopping, but if they are otherwise well, then that’s probably not an issue.
It is also not unusual to see either of them in dressing gowns and nightwear on a chilly evening on their way back from the shower block. She was thus attired when we were talking to her at 9.30pm.
Now, for someone prone to chest infections, that doesn’t exactly seem like a cool move.


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  1. Seems like there is more to this story. Her weight may also be a factor even if her diet is “varied.” You can probably attest to the fact that unless you are recording what you eat, you probably eat a lot more than you think and maybe not so healthy.

    • It’s so easy to let those extra calories creep in. I keep a food diary and try to be completely honest in it, the same with my SW weight loss posts. I’ve been really good today……. no syns so far (but I know it won’t last as I’m meeting a friend for coffee on Friday as it’s her birthday, so the pair of us are saving our syns for a slice of fudge cake!)

  2. Reading your description of friend problems, I wonder if she is not a celiac. You can be overweight and be a celiac. They often are diabetic. Suggest here that her doctor checked for gluten intolerant. I am one of those individuals that are Pre-Diabetic.

  3. foguth says:

    If you don’t see her bringing home groceries, perhaps they eat out a lot… restaurants don’t always offer a well-balanced diet. IMHO, a food diary would be wise, as long as she put things down as she consumed them. An acquaintance, whose doctor wanted her to write one of these, sat down to do it on Sunday afternoon — for everything she’d eaten and drank during the previous week — as per her diary, she averaged about 700 calories per day and very few fluids… I’m thinking her memory wasn’t complete, but the most amusing part was that she was drinking a soda while filling in her list and never added that…. Lots of ways to live in denial.

    • They might, come to think of it. I was surprised just how much I was eating (and how little fruit and veg) when I started mine. It is an eye opener, but you have to be honest otherwise it’s a waste of time.

      • foguth says:

        My husband is either dieting or not – when he diets, he feels great and looks good… when he isn’t, he is sluggish and and looks bloated. I wish he’d figure this out. I generally diet 6 days per week and eat what I want on the other day… I also juggle which day I eat everything depending on holidays, birthdays, etc.

      • Hubby and Ilost weight on the B&B diet. We’d be away staying in a B&B and eat everything on offer first thing, which kept us going all day and all we needed at the end of it was a sandwich! I’ve tried the 5 and 2 which didn’t work for me, but I now try to balance out the treats sensibly so that I don’t feel denied!

      • foguth says:

        We each need to find out the method that works for us. I’m glad the 2 of you found yours.

  4. foguth says:

    Yesterday, someone mentioned celiac disorder … leaky gut syndrome has a lot of similarities to that – as I understand it, IF the problem is leaky gut, it can be controlled by diet. http://www.leakygut-syndrome.com/

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