We’ve started with the finishing line.

Hubby and I got a little excited at the beginning of the week as we noticed a change in the marina basin.
basin-work-16-janOK, I’ll grant you the angle is different, so I’ll zoom in a little.
basin-work-16-jan-2Can you see them?
Try this then.
closer-still-16-janYep. On Monday, two pieces of string had been stretched across the water from one side to the other.
Why? I hear you ask.
To mark the boundary line for new properties that are going to be built in the future, where the land has to be backfilled, shored up and whatever else it takes to stop them sliding into the drink.
That’s one helluva drop by the way (see second picture).

The weather has been pretty good this week but nothing else happened until yesterday.
We noted that the guys were also working today (half day though as they were gone by noon).
Here’s a reminder of  ‘after bollard removal’ from a fortnight ago.
empty-basin-end-week-1-bOooooo! Bits missing!
work-21st-jan work-sat-21st-jan
Moving on (or across) awaiting waste disposal:
work-side-21st-jan  work-other-endWe understand that there is piling work to be done first in readiness for the new floats and pontoons, which is likely to take three weeks, weather permitting.
I’m wondering now what kind of weather they’re waiting for, whether it’s three weeks before they start or three weeks for the duration.

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11 Responses to We’ve started with the finishing line.

  1. Progress is slow. Sure hope they finish in a timely way.

    • The new season is due to start around April, and the shower blocks are due to be upgraded too. We had heavy flooding in February and March last year, so they are cutting it a little fine, especially as work should’ve started in December.

  2. jdawgswords says:

    rather perflexing…i’m sure

  3. Barb Knowles says:

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    • The marina bit should be a good thing as there are more moorings to be installed than there were. However, what boats exactly will be placed there is another question, and some say it’s intended to be ony the newer cruisers and widebeams. I suppose it’s a visual thing and pretty boats rather than some of the older ones which are looking a little tired.
      As for the houses, well, planning permission was passed years ago, and a road needs to be built for access, the marina access redetermined, and residents already here are up in arms as all of their properties are for the over 55s, and these new ones are to have no such covenant on them. There is going to be lot of disruption anyway when the piling starts….. we’ve already experienced that first hand from 7am to 11pm every day for a large supermarket extension (the council got a very large donation) which has since been extended further since we left 10 years ago.

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