Addressing Portion Control.

Do you like the new plates?
We saw them in the supermarket and decided to ditch our purple rimmed ones and the odd white one (below) and buy something pretty.

platesWe bought four plates (tested with a meat free breakfast, right) and four matching pasta dishes (ideal for my jacket spud, JW salmon and mixed veg on the left)
jacket-spud-jan-7 meat-free-breakfast

but decided to keep our plain stew bowls (this is today’s all veg dinner)veg-stewand our current cereal /dessert bowls (yesterday’s dessert)
rasp-and-kiwi-saladThe new crockery is slightly smaller than those previous which will help with portion size, and as the pasta dishes are shallow bowls, we won’t be tempted to have big dinners with loads of sauce in our stew bowls!

2017 improvement list : Portion Control and Food Budget addressed!             √

I have sinned big time in trying out some of the opposition’s biscuits when we had visitors.
ww-biscuitsWW go by a points system, but the ones we had (lemon and ginger cookies and a pack of oat digestives) equated to one syn each as listed in the SW diet planner.
At 85p a pack for 12 biscuits, don’t bother. There’s more taste in the wrapping, and in the case of the lemon and ginger, WW had a secret weapon in calorie counting.
Instead of 6 packs of 2 (OK, ideal solution for lunch boxes and treat control) we only had 5. Letter sent off to WW to complain about the short deal.

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12 Responses to Addressing Portion Control.

  1. I like the new plates – and the idea of them helping in portion control.

    • They are so pretty aren’t they. We can get proper dinner plates (the ones we bought are 8 inch side plates that fit nicely into our crockery cupboard) and tea cups and saucers, even a matching tea pot. The cereal bowls are way too big for us though.

  2. Lovely plates. I like nice plates and prefer small ones. I don’t eat a lot and I don’t like a lot of empty space staring at me.

    • I know what you mean. For us it’s an optical illusion having a full plate implies we are eating a large meal.

      • I know. It’s all in the head but then again. I don’t know when plates started being so big. My Mom’s plates were not big at all.

      • It’s no wonder so many people have weight issues with plates so big these days. Ex partner had a meat platter for his meals, and insisted it was always full to brimming, hence 15 roast potatoes on a Sunday, plenty of veg, yorkshire puds etc, and loads of chips during the week!
        MOH also has huge plates and bowls, so when I found two smaller ones at the back of the cupboard (they were about 12 inches) I used them for Hubby and I. If he comes here for a meal, I shall have to ask him to bring his own plate as he will need at least three helpings on ours now!

  3. This isn’t a bad idea actually. I’ve been struggling with portion control myself – and although I’m doing well with Slimming World at the moment and working hard with exercise my big fear is that I’ll end up sabotaging myself with portion sizes.

    So far it’s the one (major) thing I’ve failed to fully address – and if I’m honest when I think about doing it each time my mind waves the white flag and heads off in retreat.

    When I bought my (really nice) crockery I had quantity and shovelling in mind – not becoming slimmer lol!

    Hmmm… Food for thought… 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks. We have to have small plates anyway as we have a small crockery cupboard and washing up bowl! Boat living is like living in a wendy house, but we manage, and certainly don’t starve! Good luck with SW. I’m approaching my three stone certificate, but have to hold off major dieting at the moment, so practicing my ‘maintenance’.

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