Dinner for One

When Hubby and I first moved in together, I found it difficult to judge my quantities.
Having been used to preparing meals for 5 if not 6 or 7, plus two dogs, suddenly finding myself cooking for just two was very much hit and miss, and we had a lot of left-overs.
Nothing was ever wasted though, those extra veggies made lovely bubble and squeak (google image here)
bubble-an-squeakand meats, sausages or stuffing balls were never unpleasant cold.
These past few days have been a dilemma in trying to prepare something Hubby could keep down, but in all honesty, the hardest thing I had to do for him was a cup of tea or boiled water!

Looking at the guide in my medication package regarding possible side effects, there are a fair few that I can possibly ‘look forward to’  (not).
side-effects-listI’m not kidding, this list is both sides!
OK, it’s split into very common (more than 1 in 10), common (1 in 10), uncommon (1 in 100), rare (1 in 1000), and extremely rare (1 in 10,000).
The 1 in 10 includes weight change, hot flushes, headaches, aches in joints, changes in appetite (go hand to mouth with weight change), and the possibility of a rash, constipation, nausea and diarrhea.
I’ve been taking them a week now (today is my 9th day) and so far, I’ve had a few hot flushes during the early hours, a headache, my knee hurts but I’ve put that down to the weather, and of course that sneaky half pound gain this week. Feeling a bit queasy once could just have been sympathy for Hubby’s plight.

Hubby has lost 3 kilos in 3 days, and his appetite is non existent at the moment, though he has managed to keep some solids down. Today I shall be cooking boiled rice as he needs something bland to settle his tummy. I haven’t decided what to have with my portion yet.
Preparing meals for me has been OK, though I haven’t done anything outlandish for want of stinking the boat out (even if it may be pleasant aromas to outsiders).
egg-and-ham-salad ham-and-jacket jacket-salad tom-and-ham

photos: egg and ham salad, ham and veg, jacket potato salad, tomato pasta with ham

OK, there is ham in three of the dishes above (the other was tinned salmon) but I had to use it up or end up throwing out as I had just opened it before he was taken ill.
For my desserts, I have forsaken the bowls of fruit salad, actually having a single pear one day, banana or raspberries on my breakfast cereal, and I treated myself to some ‘light’ lemon meringue yoghurts which are just 2½ syns each for a change.

Over the weekend, I am going to try and stick to some SP meals, which are simply speed and protein foods only from SW’s list and hope that will kick-start the loss again.
I’ve deliberately not got on my scales again, even if they are Di-friendly, but have maintained my exercise and dog walks, so if nothing else I will be getting my Gold ‘Body Magic’ certificate on Tuesday.


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