Take Seven!

It’s not often we have something on every day of the week.
busy beeMonday saw us popping down to see MOH.

Yesterday I had my annual diabetes eye screening and SW weigh in.
Last night, I was asked what I’d done to my eye. Not knowing anything was wrong with it (just goes to show how much I hate looking in a mirror), I had a little peek in the lift mirror but couldn’t really see anything apart from some puffiness in the eyelid.  One of the girls works in an optician’s, so suggested I drop by in the morning and she’d arrange for someone to have a look at it for me. Knowing we had other things on, I said I’d try to get there in the afternoon. I wasn’t too worried as the drops had stung a bit, so I just thought it normal.
That was until I got home.
The lights in our bathroom are on a strip, and because the angle was different, I could see exactly what they meant!
My eye wasn’t bloodshot as I’d thought. Instead, I had a huge blood stain on my eyeball up under the eyelid. It didn’t hurt but I was a bit shocked to see it as I’d never had a reaction to the drops before.

It seemed a bit worse this morning and Hubby said it needed looking at, so first thing I tried to contact the emergency eye line. It was either engaged or unanswered so we went into the optician’s.
So glad I did.  It’s not a problem as it will sort itself out in a couple of days and could be something to do with a spike in blood pressure.
Also today I had an appointment at the breast clinic. As I have some spectacular cellulite dimpling on my breast now, the body is absorbing any liquid as it should, so that’s good to know and draining me down wasn’t necessary.
Hubby has a CT scan this afternoon, and MSM is looking after her ladyship for us as we’re going to be quite late getting back.

Tomorrow Hubby has an appointment with the doc to try and sort out his blood pressure and discuss his digestive investigation results.

Friday was a free day but it’s not now, as we’ve booked ourselves in for eye appointments.
Neither of us have to pay for these (me because I’m diabetic and Hubby because there is a history of glaucoma in his family. Also, now being over 60 they would be free anyway).
If new glasses are on the cards, then best to get it sorted now before the Christmas rush!

Weekends are usually maintenance days on the boat, though saying that we sweep through every day, empty the loo and fill the water tank every three days or so and do the laundry, lady in red permitting.  She annoyed Hubby the other day by seeing him going up to the laundry room and scurrying in before him to nab the dryer. He was not impressed.
However, two pounds worth of her drying later, he went back up to do ours, and she was putting another pound in without checking it. Her daughter opened the dryer door and told her mother that the extra time wasn’t needed as everything was dry. Pulling the load out into the basket, she rolled her eyes in apology and smiled at Hubby as he put ours in.
Hehe, we got an extra ten minutes or so drying time on her pound!!

So as they say in TV land, That Was The Week That Was.


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