Second Course, weigh in Week Eleven

Weigh in tonight, and I am not looking forward to it.
I’ve had a bit of  juggle with breakfasts and additional fruit this week, but I also discovered that white chocolate Toblerone Bars are on special offer at £1 as they have to dispose of old stock before the cheat bars come in.
Images from google: left for comparison, right my favourite, bottom bloody cheek.

tobleronenew-tobleroneDoes this look fair to you? No, me neither. Less choccy, same price or more!

I could say I haven’t felt like exercising or walking the dog in the rain, but I have exercised and walked so that’s no excuse.
I could blame poor performance on dietary issues (ie roughage), but the bran and melon have done their bit.
A teensy bit of me would like to think that the build up of fluid in my boob could account for any gain (I’m being drained off tomorrow).
I could even put it down to low sugar levels needing a boost (this one would do just fine)
boostbut I’ve been hitting the seedless grapes hard this week, so have no choice but to own up:

I have synned in abundance over the last few days, so any loss at all will be down to pure luck.
kickSo. How did I do, really.

jamWe have a saying here in the UK, about having more jam than Hartley’s.
Well I had a whole shelf, and lost another pound this week.
N did as well, and now both of us are just half a pound away from our next certification.
I am actually three pounds away from my secondary target with 2 weeks to go (my final course week, plus my Club 10 free week as despite having a couple of gains, I’ve stayed below my 10% original weight loss).
I’m determined to do it for Christmas.

christmas tree

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  1. I was sad to learn that my beloved Toblerone was going to be less chocolate. What kind of a crazy world do we live in anyway. LOL!

  2. amommasview says:

    You go girl! And you know what? I really don’t like the new Toblerone shape!!!

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