Film Review : CELL

CELL, starring John Cussack and Samuel L Jackson, based on the book by Stephen King.
cellI read a lot of Stephen King books in the ’70s, and found the only way to understand ‘IT’ was by reading every other chapter due to the time line and then backtracking!
I can’t remember ever seeing this one on the shelf though, but Hubby picked up the DVD for less than a fiver.

What better way to destroy the human race as we know it than by transmitting a signal through the cellphone network and scrambling everybody’s brains.
The opening credits show Cussack’s character in an airport where everyone is on a mobile.
It’s true. Look anywhere today and you will see most people have some electronic piece of equipment up to their ear, if not stuck in it or dangling from it. Can you imagine the entire staff and customer intake in your local supermarket, buses, taxi drivers, McDs, DIY stores etc suddenly going nuts and turning on each other? I didn’t like the bit where the cop started chewing on his dog, and would rather it was the other way round, but then the dog wasn’t the one on the radio at the time.

Enter the world of Mr King and his trademark bloodbath, a handful of good guys (one of which gets bumped off pretty early by an axe to the gut), death by fertiliser on the football pitch, a search for the missing son and divorce by gunshot to the wife who is ‘one of them’.
It was a shame that the girl next door (well upstairs actually) who seemed to have a bit of a crush on Cussack died, but then she was much too young to be a permanent love interest to his character.

As a horror movie, it was OK-ish, with lots of frenzied and bloody bodily attacks.
A bit creepy in places where the Phoners, as they were referred to, stood open-mouthed emitting screeches like some demented fax machine, and the end?
Well, I’m stumped. Didn’t understand it at all other than the possibility of a dream within a dream within the head of Cussack’s character who was writing a comic book novel.
Even looking it up on the internet didn’t enlighten me, and the guy giving that review had read the ending of the book which was even more confusing. He said to save 90 minutes of your life as well as your money by not bothering to watch.

1 thru 10I’d give it a 7 (same as Hubby did from a technical possibility) because we are so damn reliant on connections and linkages, it could actually happen if some idiot got the frequency right.


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