She Awakens

The sound of snickers and giggling soon changed to hysterical laughter as the Three Imps watched from the sidelines.
The Good Fairies had long since given up on Double H (Handsome Hero) coming to wake their Sleeping Princess but left them in charge to oversee future events just in case.

One night, the Imps had been experimenting with the hemlock, and the results had been hilariously funny. Or at least in their eyes.
They had excitedly gathered a concoction of eyeballs, toads, bats and newts, and in devilment pinched a single strand of hair from the brush they used on their Ward every day.
impsThey had chanted some rubbish over a brewing chalice, taking it in turns to taste as they got totally plastered, then spent the next twenty years sleeping it off.

Now, on the other side of the drapes, one bewildered male was wondering how on earth he’d unleashed this verbal tyrant.
For over an hour he was subjected to one hundred years of pent up frustration, annoyance and anger from this ‘damsel’ who was now nothing more than a shrew with a temper.
Not being able to get a word in edgeways, he had no idea what to do, so when he saw the curtains quivering out of the corner of his eye, he threw them back to reveal the Three Imps rolling on the floor laughing at his predicament.
He was furious.

Grabbing two of them by the scruff of the neck, he demanded to know why Sleeping Beauty was not the lovely doe-eyed Love of his Life as he had been led to believe, but some demented cow of a Mother in Law from Hell.
Firestone said it was Damson’s fault, who passed the blame on to Blueberry who hadn’t reached maturity yet, and was puffing smoke rather than flame just now.
Blueberry tried to look innocent, but belched instead due to bad gas.

‘How do I reverse the spell and put her back to sleep?’ he shouted.
‘You’ll do no such thing!’ she screeched. ‘I’ve been asleep long enough, and besides, who says I want to spend the rest of my life with YOU, some moron who took forever to get here!’
‘Suits me,’ he countered. ‘To think I slaughtered dragons, beasts and ogres to ‘save’ you. They were probably protecting ME by trying to stop me!’
Rubbing his hands through his hair he added
‘Oh boy, the storytellers sure got this one wrong.’

Firestone dragged a foot through the dust slowly, putting his hands behind him.
‘Actually,’ he said ‘There is a way, but I don’t think you’ll like it.’
‘Tell me! It can’t be worse than……………. this!’ HH said pointing a finger at SB who was impatiently tapping her foot.
‘You’ll have to kiss her again.’
‘Oh, Per-leese.’ SB said rolling her eyes heavenwards.
‘You have to kiss her. That way the spell will be broken, and she should either be loving as expected or fall asleep again. Or……… not.’
‘Don’t you know??’
‘Er, no. We can’t remember much of our chant to be honest. It was so long ago you know.’
This started SB off again.
‘Don’t tell me about Long Ago! Who is it who’s been asleep for a hundred years, eh? Not you lot was it. Oh no. Me! In the Land of Nod for a century. All my friends and family will be dead, the world will have changed and this…. this person….. is my saviour?

Outside, three pairs of wings fluttered in the twilight.
‘Do you think the Imps have learned their lesson?’ Fauna said
I feel sorry for HH. It isn’t his fault, and it was a rather cruel trick to play.’ Merryweather added.
‘Put it down to the time of year Dear,’ said Flora.
‘If he’d turned up in April as he should have done, it was the perfect April Fool. Now we’ve had to make do with Halloween.’
With a sigh, the three got their wands out to put things right.


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and have a terrible sweet tooth. Best friends are Hubby, our dog Maggie, Bro in NZ, MSM and MOH (and his dog). I am also a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! Due to a nightmare of a house sale in 2014, 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat until April 2017. We made strong friendships both on and off the water, and enjoyed swan and duck families for neighbours. Sadly times change and we were once again house hunting until September. We now reside in a small bungalow a short distance from the beach on the Lincolnshire coast.
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5 Responses to She Awakens

  1. scifihammy says:

    hehe Nice fairy tale 🙂

  2. jdawgswords says:

    Oh pranks often go off course…thx for the bit of art…great story

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