A little slip………….. or ten

Well, maybe not as many as ten, but over the last couple of days it has struck me how easy it is to get back into BAD EATING HABITS.

Perhaps I should rephrase that and say erratic rather than bad, especially as it has been three days since I wrote anything in my food diary, and I can assure you I have definitely eaten! (I neither prepared or ate any of these, but they’re pretty, aren’t they)
food sculpturefood artBoth of us still have stinking colds, and in all honesty, I haven’t really been thinking about meals, just going through the motions of breakfast and a main meal of some description.
I have remembered to eat plenty of fruit, but latte coffees have crept in, as have a couple of squares of chocolate, prawn crackers, and jaffa cakes.

I’ve notified our group leader that I won’t be attending SW on Tuesday evening.
However, that is no excuse for getting lazy, coming off plan and eating an array of bad stuff. The only person who’ll suffer is me, so the sooner I get back on track, the better.
My membership will be suspended for the week rather than ‘miss’ a meeting, so in actual fact, I am being given an extension to lose those extra pounds to achieve my next target.
I don’t intend to waste it.

Today I purchased some pork mince and made a spaghetti bolognese.

Generously serves 2

250g   (5%) lean pork mince                                     79p
one onion                                                                        5p
half a red pepper                                                          22p
6 chestnut mushrooms                                               20p
2 tomatoes                                                                     20p
2 cloves garlic                                                                  2p
2 chicken stock cubes                                                    6p
generous dollop tomato puree                                     5p

stick spaghetti pasta                                                     10p

Pork mince seems to give a good ‘edge’ to the dish and being 5% fat, counts as free food under protein (as would 5% fat minced beef).
It was on the reduced shelf today, so I saved a few pence, though it is normally a lot less compared to minced beef anyway which is around £1.80 for the same weight.

pork-bologneseOur food expenditure sheet is considerably higher than October last year, most of which is accounted for under fresh fruit and veg. The fruit I prefer is quite expensive now, so I shall either have to find alternatives or not have it. We shall see.

This week, we have also had chicken curry, jacket potato with grated cheese (weighed and measured) and ham salad.
chicken-curry-oct jacket-and-cheese ham-salad-oct

I haven’t decided what I’m cooking tomorrow yet.
Monday I think Hubby is going to the chippy unless I do a two-fer to carry over for him.


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  1. Ritu says:

    We all have those days… I had an indulgent few days with my parents… we ate Chinese today. I used the SW sweet and dour chicken and boiled rice from iceland which was free, but had spring rolls and satay chicken minus the sauce!
    Tomorrow is diwali which means a lot of not free food!!! Uh oh!!!!! My loss this week was good… will post later, but I think next week may end up being a gain!!!!

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