A good idea badly presented, resulting in negativity

I read this in Yahoo today (link).
Anyone with weight issues would have been totally disheartened by the negativity of the comments, giving up before they even started to make an appointment with their GP to see if they qualified.

The article was not exactly well presented, and what isn’t made clear is if the course was free for the full year of the survey and the regularity of attendance required.

My opinion is this:
If said thirty second chat with the GP resulted in a free place attending a weight programme and in a year the amount lost was only 2.4kg, then either:
you didn’t make the most of your class, or,
you didn’t try very hard/gave up early/didn’t bother to go, or,
you haven’t learned a thing about what you eat and why you could be overweight, or
your class instructor was useless at their job.

Anyone can be a couch potato, stuff their face with all the junk food they like and enjoy it, and at the end of the day suffer from even worse health issues than they have already.
soap boxBut read on…………………………………………. please……………..

Regular readers of my blog will know that I was offered such a place in June 2016.
Twelve weeks free membership, no joining fee, I saw it as a chance to better my eating habits sensibly, to understand where I was going wrong.

I write about my progress, good or bad, every week. I post recipes, tips and ideas, and  have never known success and support (both from group and fellow bloggers) like it.
It works (if you really want it to).

Sure, it costs money to attend, until you reach Target when you don’t have to pay anymore so long as you stay there.
But, you chose your target, you don’t have to conform with the official charts, and can settle on a weight you feel comfortable with and at.
weight joke
Sure, it probably adds a little more to your shopping bill, especially if you opt for the recommended meal range.
But, you can do your own thing with the foods you usually buy and enjoy just by modifying the quantities, the way you cook it, and what you serve it with.
sw-sausagesbreakfast-22-9  sweet-and-sour-chicken

Sure, you won’t have a good loss every week, may even gain a little occasionally.
But, this is expected, and rather than think you’ve failed, you’re encouraged to remember how much you’ve already achieved.
weight-quote-2 diet quote 2

It’s Tuesday, and so weigh in tonight.
I wish my class was in the morning as I always weigh lighter, but whatever, I shall be posting the result later.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    Your progress towards a slimmer, healthier you is excellent and an encouragement to us all. Keep it up. 🙂

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