Thrashed, again………. and again.

We decided to have a trip down to see MOH today as we haven’t seen him for a while.
Having contacted him on Friday to make the arrangements, we were awake quite early, and managed to set off before 9, having walked the dog first and stopping for a bacon roll and coffee on the way to the garage to fuel up.
Traffic was pretty quiet as we’d missed the school run, so with the radio tuned to the local station with the Traffic Bulletins engaged, we were soon on the motorway.

The news came on that there were delays on the M32, so once again we came off at a later junction, going through the suburbs of Bristol and the 20 mph speed limits. It not only caned our petrol consumption but added half an hour to our normal journey.

MOH is trying to lose weight, so I won’t mention the 6 packs of 6 chocolate peanut bars he has in his cupboard, but rather concentrate on his latest means of shedding some unwanted poundage.
He says he drinks a pint of boiling water with a heaped teaspoon of turmeric in it every day as it will detox his body helping him lose weight.
I hadn’t heard of this, so looked it up (link).
I’m not knocking it, but still feel he could do better to eat more fruit and veg, cut down on his portion size, and scrap/restrict the sweet stuff.
turmericAs always these days when we visit, I prefer to be in charge of the kitchen, and today I took down the ingredients for cauliflower cheese and a side vegetable medley of red onion, red pepper, mushrooms, cucumber and garlic. It all worked rather well, so I was quite pleased as it was in keeping with meals having one third of the plate filled with speed foods as per the SW Bible. Knowing how much milk and cheese I used helped me calculate the necessary syn value for my portion, and I packed out my serving with additional tomatoes.

For dessert, as both the men in my life have a sweet tooth, I opted for an individual Christmas pud (25g @ 3½ syns) and custard, plus a mince pie (double figure syns) from MOH’s box offered to us on arrival.
Not at all bad (and not mentioned at all in the SW Bible).
Yes, I had a pud and dribble of custard, so have overstepped the syns myself today, having made allowances over the weekend in readiness.

cribSettling down to play Cribbage, Hubby won the first game (I was last), MOH hammered us on the second (I was last), and surprisingly I won the third. He wanted a decider, so we played a fourth game which Hubby won, and again I came last.
Losing at cards doesn’t bother me as I believe it’s very much a case of the luck of the draw, but I never seem to get a good hand when we play here. It’s as if the cards I need are missing from the deck, and I confess that I have even resorted to counting them before we start just in case! Today the guys switched places, but that made no difference at all, and it was extremely rare for me to peg anything up to 31, and I only had three hands of over ten for the duration of the four games! How I won that third game is a mystery (the guys probably took pity on me and moved their pins backwards), but at least I didn’t get whitewashed.
9sThis is however the third time we’ve gone down and not played dominoes.
In fact, I didn’t even see the box on the table today, so perhaps he is preferring Cribbage at the moment. He says that when he and his brother get together they eat all the time play dominoes or cribbage, so he is forever honing his skills in both ready to thrash us.

We’ve had a good day though, and as always it was lovely to see him.
We took a chance and came back via the M32. Traffic was constantly moving, and we were home in an hour and forty minutes.
We had enough time to let the dog have a quick wee round the Avenue and got home just before the skies opened.

There was however a beautiful rainbow over the marina to greet us.rainbow marinaI took this picture in June 2015, the rainbow settling on top of the office block.

rainbowThis one was taken in April 2015 through our lounge window.

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