Boring, Boring, BORING

Yep, food.
I am fed up with food.
Not just fed, but fed up.
I’m not particularly adventurous in the kitchen, love all the things that are bad for me, and trying to make a variety out of the bunch of stuff that is good for me is wearing me out.
2-egg-omelette-2 Photo:
mixed pepper, tomato, mushroom and onion omelette (2 eggs) with salad.

My basic staples are rice and pasta, more recently spaghetti, and I sweet and sour or curry chops and chicken unless we have them with veg and potatoes.
Minced beef gives me a chilli or spaghetti bolognese, I don’t cook lasagna now, and my ‘cottage pie’ is simply savoury mince and onions with mashed potatoes and veg on the side.
chili-with-flash chilli-and-stirfry
Chilli (with and without flash) with stir fry peppers, kidney beans, onions and mushrooms.

McCheese is for Hubby as cheese is heavenly heavily synful, and I still make tomato pasta with garlic and ginger as another no-meat day.
Like cucumber, there are many health benefits from regularly eating tomatoes (source)

Once again, I have had to throw away half of the salad packs I’d bought this week,  so I’m kicking them into touch for now and on the hunt for something else.
I have been looking with interest at the packets of spiralled courgettes, butter nut squash, and sweet potato stir fries available and wondering whether to part with £1.50 to try them.
The problem is they are too much for one meal, Hubby doesn’t like any of them, and if I’m only going to throw the rest away? Waste of money.

I am however trying to vary my breakfast, from my granola cereal which is a little heavy on syns, to porridge (made with water, no milk or sugar), fresh fruit and yoghurt (the recipe of my fat free yoghurt has changed and instead of being syn free now attracts half a syn!), or a cooked breakfast with the usual ham, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms.
hubs-brekkie my-brekkie
Photo: His and Hers breakfast

There’s not much you can do with a jacket potato really apart from stuff it, and my desserts are nearly all fruit based with either a meringue nest or gingernut biscuit for syn value.
Yesterday I opted for gala melon, scooping out the seeds and filling the centre with strawberries and quark, cutting a few seedless grapes in half to decorate the edge, and then crumbling a gingernut on the top.
gala-melon-2 gala-melon
Photo: Gala dessert

Sometimes I make my microwave stodge for Hubby so that he can have his custard.

What I’d really like to do is wrap my face round a jam doughnut, or a large marshmallow (saw them in the shops this week and the price has risen from £2 for 12 to £3.87), or a bag of liquorice allsorts, or an iced belgian bun, or a tub of cherry ice cream or all of the above.

Food is the Devil in disguise, and with the weekend coming up, I am hoping not to give in to temptation by planning our meals in advance.
Today’s meal was a lamb grillsteak with new potatoes in their skins, sprouts and carrots. I made up a bit of gravy, and some dried mint sauce for me.
It was nice, but the grillsteak a little on the greasy side, even though I dry fried it and drained off the fat. Looking it up on the SW website, it wasn’t listed, and anything similar varied in syns from 3½ to 6, so I assumed the highest value just in case.
I think I’ll stick with chicken or pork.
lamb-dinnerPhoto: lamb dinner

Hubby, bless him, has come up with the wonderful idea of STEW.
Nearly all veg, I can do it in the pressure cooker and it will last us 2 days.
pressure cookerWeekend meals sussed. Thanks Honey!!

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10 Responses to Boring, Boring, BORING

  1. I totally get it. Trying to eat healthy for me always ends up being the same meals over and over again because I’m not super savvy on how to cook healthy things that taste good. And my husband, also, does not like anything healthy, so it’s all up to me to eat it. And I can’t tell you how many salad packs and heads of lettuce I’ve thrown out. Keep at it! I’ll try too!

    • Variety is the spice of life and all that, so I’m experimenting with herbs and spices too! Jacket spuds are versatile insomuch as beans, cheese, curry, chilli, tuna etc for fillings, but I had one defrost when we were out on a trip, so cut it in half and did it in the frying pan. Same thing, different presentation! Luckily for me, whatever I buy is cooked with the minimum of additives, and Hubs likes my cooking, so no problem there!

  2. Ritu says:

    It is so hard getting creative with food sometimes but you’re doing great!!!

  3. scifihammy says:

    I hear you! So hard to eat the same boring food over and over. I don’t like salad either (lettuce tastes like metal to me!) which makes it even harder. I just want to eat bread and chocolate! haha
    Well, keep at it, and even if you slip up now and then you are still heading in the right direction. 🙂

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