The Pound in their Packet

I saw this headline today

Brexit Is Going To Make It More Expensive To Eat

and thought “Tell me something I don’t know”. (source)

Several of my posts have already suggested consumers check the weights of their goods to see if they really are getting a bargain or just a ploy on the part of the manufacturer to try and con us with flashy stickers and fancy slogans.
Chocolate bars have been shrinking for years, and I wonder how many people have noticed that the Multi pack bars were actually smaller than the originals, but gradually said originals have been diminishing to the size of the multi pack.
It is not BREXIT that is causing price rises, but greed to enhance profits and bonuses. Hubby and I have been amazed at the amount of domestic rubbish we are accumulating that consists of food packaging. Large plastic trays housing fruit, meats or vegetables, bags inside boxes of cereal,  cute little trays inside boxes of biscuits, and the classic has to be the pavlova base I purchased some time ago which was considerably smaller than the box, and the plastic bag inside the box and the little tray inside the plastic bag inside the box!
If packaging were to be reduced, so would cost, waste, and we would indeed be getting more produce for our money.

And another little snippet for all those recyclers out there, have you noticed how much of our packaging is now ‘not currently recycled’? Or part of the packaging is, but others not. Who is going to take the time to separate a label from a carton for one bin, put the carton in another, and the lid in a third?

Most consumers can be categorised as busy workers, harassed Mums, or pensioners, and it becomes habit to take your preferred items off their usual shelf without looking, especially if you are distracted by a screaming child or in a hurry.
It’s not until you have to buy the replacement more often that you come to realise that you’re not eating/using more, but actually getting less.
Less toilet roll sheets (yes, I know, I’ve done that recently), less cheese, less dog food, less cereal, less washing up liquid, less toothpaste, smaller bars of soap, and I have just discovered, less volume in packet soup which instead of making a full litre, now only makes 900ml, but still ‘serves four’.

When we were in the cottage and I had my freezer, our meat shop would not be purchased on weight but rather how many meals I could get out of a packet.
I used to buy 6 chops, and freeze them in twos. The packs I bought went down to only 4, but they were a little fatter, so I froze them individually and used just one for my sweet and sours. The same with chicken breasts. And as for minced beef, well the butcher found it hysterical when I asked for 100g as he thought it was for the dog when in fact it was for my stew which I packed out with a stew pack of veg for a pound. That served the two of us for three days thanks to my pressure cooker.
pressure cookerWe have to eat, and whilst I can agree perhaps it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be buying less on health grounds to tackle obesity, but it makes me see red that the manufacturers think we are all so gullible as to believe this hype when all they are concerned about is drowning in profits and passing the buck.
fat cat

I’ll get off my box now.
soap box

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4 Responses to The Pound in their Packet

  1. It’s happening here too, and we don’t have Brexit to blame. ☺

  2. I really hate all the extra packaging. Some is very difficutl/sharp to open to get the item out.
    Here some of it is to make product big enough so it is difficult to steal them. (But people stuff packages of multiple steaks down those saggy baggy pants, so it’s not working is it?)
    Sadly it seems that there is little market for recycled materials for new products – as the value went down, companies got out of the business saying they couldn’t make a profit – and people weren’t choosing recycled goods over others especially if the recycled new goods were more expensive.
    I hate waste and people tossing so much away – even remodeling houses – much of that old construction material can be salvage instead of shoving it in landfills.
    People need to think more!

    • I so agree. Hubby is a Skip Diver, and we’ve been able to use quite a bit of ‘rubbish’ one way or another. he has his eye on some pieces of wood that have been discarded on a property up the road as they would be ideal for his latest ‘Canal Boat’ art.

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