Putting the Floss in Gloss

It’s not often that I read any of the glossy magazines like OK! or Hello, mainly because they are full of adverts and fashion which don’t interest me and only an occasional article that does. Besides, they cost more than an acceptable amount for my pocket.
glossy-magsThe doctor and dentist surgeries used to be full of such editions, but as it was the patients who donated them and appointments are so hard to come by, I suppose it’s not surprising that there are not so many as there used to be.
However, the laundry room here doubles up as a library and reading room so as I was waiting for the week’s wash load to finish, I picked one up for perusal.
Good quality paper: nice, soft and shiny to the touch, it slipped through my aching fingers with relative ease (there’s been a change in the weather and my arthritis is playing up).
Helen Mirren was sporting leather on the front cover and I thought how wonderful she looked for 70.

There was a bit about going for the chop as long hair is no longer (excuse pun) considered a ‘young’ look, and how models and celebrities were having their locks shorn to provide curls and swirls on their heads instead of straights with weight.
For years I simply couldn’t be bothered with the pullava I know that short hair gives me.
It means fiddling about with mousse, gels, dryers, brushes and tongs for a style that looks terrific if the hairdresser does it or for five minutes before I go to bed. Long hair is not exactly a wash and go, but I can wash and dry it with the minimum of effort and just a tuppenny sized dollop of anti freeze frizz serum (99p which has lasted almost 6 months).
frizzI was appalled at the cost of the fancy hair products advertised let alone the price of a cut and blow dry these days, and glad that I don’t have to worry about hair dyes, primping, trimming and the like. My crowning glory may resemble the colour of tree bark with its browns, greys and inbetweens, but it suits me long and I can wear it loose, tied up, bunned, pigtailed (cute) or plaited.
Following the article was an ad for shampoo and conditioner, the model having long hair. Not very good issue planning I thought.
Helen Mirren wears hers short by the way.

Then came the food section.
chinese foodOh yes, lovely photos and mouth watering recipes until I really thought about it.
One interesting dessert called for Coconut Milk Powder, so I looked it up on the SW website as dessicated coconut (which we love on our curries) is 7½ syns for 25g.
This dried stuff is 1½ syns per level teaspoon, so I don’t know if that’s good or bad as I can’t remember how much was required for the dish concerned.

If I remember correctly from my school cookery days, 2 teaspoons equated to one dessert spoon, which was about an ounce, and two dessert spoons equated to a tablespoon, thus about 2 ounces. It was great for measuring flour when I had no scales. When you think that 25g is less than an ounce (.881849 of an ounce actually), a level teaspoon seems quite reasonable. 

Interspersed between these pages were separate promotions for two liquid diet plans, one with a photograph of three ladies who had lost weight ‘naturally’ on one.
To me, they all looked as if they were breathing in, but they appeared healthy and happy.

Diet/weight control/healthy eating are still big business, but for all of us trying to lose those extra pounds, whichever way we have found works for us, wouldn’t it be nice if ALL food recipes showed the Syn value for SW members, the Points value for WW,  calorie count/carb/fat content for most other diet plans and the exact nutritional value of liquid meals pro rata to the Recommended Daily Allowance.

For me, I have to confess I look at the pictures for ideas of how to serve the food I usually buy for the two of us. Cooking without oil is easy for me, and meat like chops or chicken is done in water in the frying pan and so steamed I suppose.
Mind you, the idea of a ‘veg spiraller’ sounds fun. Just think of the coloured ‘spaghetti’ on the plate that actually isn’t, and how it might tempt the fussiest pallette of faddy kids.

cucumberAt the moment, I am enjoying the virtues of cucumber. Very versatile in appearance if you slice it, peel it and slice it, run a fork down the sides and slice it (frilly edges), chop it, dice it, baton it, and oh yeah, eat it.

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  1. scifihammy says:

    Now that sounds like one good magazine. All I ever see at the docs/dentist are very old boring mags; so I take my own crossword puzzles.

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