Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto

Years long ago the cave was invisible as a waterfall cascaded over its entrance.
Fed by a gentle stream, the sudden drop provided the perfect shield from prying eyes and those who didn’t understand.
The steps leading down to the rocky shelf were worn smooth by her bare footfall. Even in the dark she knew the way without fear of falling, each step sure and true.
A place that never flooded, was warm and dry, even in the coldest of winters, it became a sanctuary for the Occupier through the eons of time.

The stream had long since run dry, thus the waterfall ceased to be, and gradually the leafy foliage provided its own camouflage to a point.
A lone traveller stumbled upon the cave one night and took shelter.
Climbing into the cavity above, he was surprised to find an old woman, crooked and bent, smiling at him.

‘Hello John,’ she greeted. ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’
‘How do you know my name?’ he asked.
‘As I said, I’ve been waiting for you. I knew you’d find me eventually.’
She gestured for him to join her and passed him a cup of a strong herbal brew that held no fear for him as he drank.

Feeling mellow and comfortable, the two talked well into the early hours as if they’d been friends for years.
John had always been a loner, misunderstood by acquaintances and former family.
He had sensed a calling to change his life as he searched for something that eluded him.
His companion was not at all surprised at this as she explained that she too had experienced something similar, which had eventually led her to This Place, and being in the same position as he was now.

‘My time here is done’, she said. ‘There is change afoot, and I am not The One to see it manifest. You are younger, stronger, more adept and understanding of current events.
This is your Time. The Spirits will protect you, as they have me, but now you are here, they are calling me to join them.’
‘How long have you been here?’ he asked.
‘Five hundred years,’ she replied, and smiled.
The next morning, she was gone, the cot where she slept empty save for a heavy blanket.

The rain started gently at first and John gathered provisions over the next few months.
He was unafraid of the challenges that faced him, even though he knew not what they would be or how they would come about yet. Time would indeed tell.
Spiritual voices spoke to him in his dreams, guiding and encouraging, thus he knew what had to be done and what was expected of him.
Gradually, the little stream began to flow again, within weeks the waterfall reappeared and provided the protective curtain across the cave’s opening, just as it had for his predecessor.

Inside, John took his place as Sentinel.
And waited.

photoprompt 25th augustThis is my response to Sue’s photoprompt this week.

Thanks Sue!
Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto


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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    I LOVE this one! I really do. Thank you.

  2. Lovely story. I’ll bet that many long years ago, that cave really was hidden by a waterfall. I would love to have secluded myself in it behind the water.

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  5. memadtwo says:

    Just as good reading it a second time. (K)

  6. Morgan says:

    Splendid!!! Truly enjoyed it 🙂

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