Let me rephrase that……………

Some people may say they are back-handed compliments.
Others that they are tactless comments.
A few may even be intentional put downs.
But one way or another, it can be so easy to say something but not mean it the way it came out of our mouths……………
foot in mouthI have always been sensitive about my weight.
It goes back to grammar school days and a particular member of the PE staff who was forever picking on me and ridiculing me over it.
Being one of the tallest in my class at 5’7″ and tipping the scales at 10 stones 4 lbs, I was taken to task for the remainder of that school year, though shorter and heavier pupils than I were left alone. Mummy and Daddy being on the Board, or Mummy was a respected member of staff and all that.

Other Brother’s comments didn’t help, as he would tease me about my developing ‘figure’ when I was eleven, making me nervous, self conscious and embarrassed about my body.

These are some of the comments, weight related or not, that have been directed at me over the years that I can now laugh about.

Does that girl do nothing but eat?
I was 9 and tucking into a second sausage roll at a wedding buffet)

When’s your baby due?
(I wasn’t pregnant)
pregnant or fatThis is a nice bit of cake………. considering you made it
(first mother in law)

Don’t you look well!
read Haven’t you got fat! having gained a few pounds due to The Pill)

I can’t imagine anything worse than living in a confined space with another person.
(shortly after we’d bought the boat)

The boating life won’t suit you, it’s too hard. Living in a mobile home would be much better.
(Poison Dwarf when discussing possible purchase of boat, having decided to give up their holiday share of four weeks a year in theirs)

danger commentOf course I didn’t get an NHS referral! I’m not clinically obese.
(comment when comparing free SW weight loss membership)

I’m on the liquid diet. You should really try it.
(Mother in law who couldn’t and wouldn’t cook)

She (supervisor) said I should compartmentalise my workload like (me). I’m surprised she’s got room in her head for a brain!
(overheard in the ladies after a work colleague had been told she had poor time management skills)

He had to make up his quota of monthly passes .
(I was the only one of 6 of us who passed their driving test in February 1978. We each had the same examiner, I was the fifth to take the test, and the guy following me failed)

divider smallOn the other hand, there is one put down that had Hubby and his workmates in stitches.
We hadn’t been together very long, and one of the ‘bosses’ was an arrogant B, always getting up everyone’s nose with his attitude and sycophantic sidling up to the management. I had a nickname for him, and it stuck.
He didn’t know me, and it had been rumoured that a potential buyer for the company was due to visit. I turned up, and you can guess what happened.

I was shown around and asked what plans I may have for the business.
Getting into the role and enjoying myself immensely, I said that I would probably introduce profit-sharing, flexible hours for staff with families, and have a complete overhaul of the management team, inviting comments and suggestions from existing employees.
Sucking up to the eleventh degree, he said they were excellent ideas and he would be happy to help me sort out the ranks.
I told him that his resignation would be nice, as one of the first things I would do would be to get rid of him. He was untidy (scruffy jeans and a motiffed tee shirt), dirty and unshaven (five, six and seven o’clock shadow), totally unbefitting to his status.
you're firedHubby and the workshop’s laughter echoed down the stairwell as he stalked off.
He reported that the potential buyer was stuck up and opinionated, just as a squat little man walked through the door for his appointment.


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and have a terrible sweet tooth. Best friends are Hubby, our dog Maggie, Bro in NZ, MSM and MOH (and his dog). I am also a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! Due to a nightmare of a house sale in 2014, 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat until April 2017. We made strong friendships both on and off the water, and enjoyed swan and duck families for neighbours. Sadly times change and we were once again house hunting until September. We now reside in a small bungalow a short distance from the beach on the Lincolnshire coast.
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20 Responses to Let me rephrase that……………

  1. colinandray says:

    Didn’t somebody once say “If you haven’t got anything nice to say… then don’t say anything!”. Then there is my favorite “Sometimes it is better to say nothing and let people think you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” 🙂

  2. There’s a bit of that passive/aggressive stuff in those comments. Those are often subtle, but can sting the most. Especially coming from “loved ones”. ☺

    • Growing up in my sister’s shadow, there were always comparisons, though I never really saw things as a competition. MIL upset me on more than one occasion, but I’d be damned first before I let her see me cry. If someone says something offensive now, I ignore them. They just aren’t worth it.

  3. That last one makes it better! When I was in my first job (very, very young), I worked with a woman who was beautiful and upbeat. She said she was retiring the following year which meant she was 64. My response was, “Gosh, you don’t look THAT old!” It wasn’t meant to be cruel but an off-hand compliment. From my perspective (at the time) 64 was quite ancient. Fortunately she laughed herself silly. I got better with my comments over the years. Now 64 looks quite young!

  4. scifihammy says:

    This is a funny post 🙂 But though I enjoyed reading it, I can’t help commenting on the verbal abuse you, and most of us (particularly women) have had to put up with over the years. I am glad you are so over it now, that you can share it and laugh about it, though I know at the time it really hurts.
    btw I too was asked “when the lucky day was” about 15 years ago and many kgs lighter! No I wasn’t pregnant either, just tired.

    • Thanks Sci. I suppose because I was usually on the receiving end of jokes, I always got the ‘fat line’ in first. In my teens I lost a lot of weight, and I mean a lot, but no-one commented on that, not even my family. Times haven’t changed much actually, as over a stone lighter when I saw my sister last, she didn’t comment….. at all.

  5. lbeth1950 says:

    Sometimes stuff comes out of my mouth and I wonder who said it.

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