Dinners and Desserts

I’m not one to mess about with my food, but do like it to look appealing on the plate.
I don’t have any fancy shaped crockery or icing bags to make pretty shapes, but lately I have been taking a little extra care in my presentation to put out on my blog.
Since joining SW, I have been trying to stick to basic ingredients so that Hubby can still have his favourites, but chopping and changing things around for me to counteract boredom and still apply their third of a plate made up of speed food, or for S&P days, 50% speed food and 50% protein.

I’ve finally got round to sorting out some food photos I took this week.
Thought you might enjoy them    😉
breakfastPhoto: ” The Last Supper “

This was actually my breakfast yesterday, consisting of the last peach, the last of the raspberries and my last banana, sprinkled with the last of the gingernut crumbs.

chilli cookingPhoto: Chilli cooking: large pan as it was for three of us

jacket spudPhoto: my portion served with a jacket spud, red onion and salad.

pavlova 2 pavlova 3 pavlova 




Photos: my pavlova that MOH didn’t fancy (not that he knew what was on offer, he just said he didn’t want dessert)

Weight for weight the meringue base equated to four meringue nests, so a total of 10 syns. The box that it came in was about 10 inches square, but the goody inside was merely 6 inches across, so I only used one peach and a handful of raspberries, plus a crumbled gingernut on the top (smashed with a spoon in a plastic bag!).

pavlova portionPhoto: This was my portion, which I served with quark and extra raspberries.

Last Tuesday at the group meeting, I won the raffle and had first pick.
raffle prizeThese are things I would not normally buy, and to be honest, the other two prizes didn’t appeal. The salmon pot was 1½ syns, and the dressing is syn free.
This is what I did with it:

raffle prize dinner 2 raffle prize dinner

The pot contained 80g, and was ample for a jacket potato filling. The vinaigrette dressing was rather nice and went well with the salad, complimenting the salmon and chilli. I’d added a little dried rosemary to the mushrooms when I cooked them too, so the plate was a riot of flavour.
I priced the pots today in the supermarket and at £1.50 each they won’t be on my regular shopping list. However, it made a very pleasant change.

This was an experiment that did and didn’t work.
stuffed pepper stuffed red pepper

Rather than simply boring spaghetti bolognese, I cut the top off a red pepper and scooped out the seeds (the top was trimmed and diced to go in the mix).
I zapped the pepper in the microwave for about five minutes to soften it up (it went lopsided, sigh) then just before serving with my spaghetti, I rolled it round in the frying pan for a bit to hopefully ‘darken’ the sides (it didn’t).
Anyway, I put the shell in the centre of my spaghetti, and filled it with my mix, drizzling a little extra round the outside.
The taste was actually OK, though the pepper could have done with being cooked a little more first. However, most people bake their stuffed peppers in the oven, so for a first attempt, I don’t think I did too badly.

Finally, a Just Peachy Pud.
This is so simple, using one sliced peach, one gingernut biscuit and quark.
peach pud 2 peach pud

The majority of the biscuit was broken up and put in the bottom of the dish but two small pieces were crushed and sprinkled on top.

To try and give you an idea of size, my spoons here are teaspoons (tend to give more bites and make desserts last longer!) and my forks are classed as dessert forks (part of the set my Mum gave us that took swimming lessons recently).


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