Falling off the wagon.

The entertainment was good (a female vocalist and a guy on guitar with a backing tape), the company terrific, and the food was…………… half and half.
The rumours were partially right , being thai green curry or chilli, but there wasn’t a jacket potato or salad to be seen, and the vegetarian option was …… vegetable chilli.
The rice was spotted with what looked like red ants but were in fact diced kidney beans, and everything was served on pretty oval polystyrene plates.
The food itself though was luke warm at best, and not supplied in the same Chinese vans as we saw yesterday.

Many attendees ‘passed’, some even going uptown to one of the pubs for a meal, but even then there was a bit of a scramble in the side tent as there appeared to be insufficient quantity for those that were eating.
Hubby and I were glad we’d taken up three bags of nibbles, and Tuppy’s owners had done the same with the addition of dips, so we didn’t exactly starve.
The caterers requested that we use the same glasses for our drinks, the choices being red or white wine, apple or orange juice, or iced water.

Hubby asked but there were not many takers from the Moaners Brigade behind us for a chip run, but he went anyway with one of the younger guests.
Whilst they were away, the desserts were put out, and I was well in.
There was a choice of 4, and because the creme brulee and meringue with strawberries weren’t available when I went up, I selected profiteroles and a lemon mousse for hubby and I.
the devils pudYes, I admit it, we each had both and they were delicious (which saved the catering day).

We paid for it at 4.30 this morning though, waking up feeling bloated, windy and nauseous, with a severe dose of indigestion.Β  We got dressed and took a sleepy dog for a walk and felt better after a visit to the loo to blow the trumpet voluntary and little else. Back at the boat we had a cup of tea, tried to access the internet but it was still swamped for some reason, then went back to bed just before 6.
We all slept until 9am.

Today until Tuesday we are having quiet days in the food stakes, nothing too much, too rich, or too heavy. Until then, the jury is out regarding SW.

sw quote 2However, forgetting the hot food that wasn’t, we had plenty of chatter on our table, the nibbles went down particularly well, and we had a lovely social evening. Maggie and Tuppy settled down in the shade under the table with a bowl of cool water, and when the occasional nose poked up between someone’s knees, suitable treats were dispensed.

dancers party 2 party sky party

We hope that next year they’ll bring the canopes back.

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  1. colinandray says:

    Perhaps next year it will be done with rather more “taste” (????), and a nominal charge will be worthwhile? I tend to avoid anything “FREE” that involves food, because I know that I am going to pay for it somehow, somewhere, sometime! Caveat Emptor = Buyer beware (loosely translates to “yet get what you pay for” or “you pay peanuts, then you’ll probably get monkeys” etc.) πŸ™‚

    • The marina hold three annual events. The first is a BBQ for which there is a fee. This was totally brilliant this year as they had new caterers and there was plenty of food for everyone. The Mid season Party, as this was, is hosted (and the cost covered) by the marina. Canopes have been the norm, but this year, it was decided to try something different. The final bash is a hog roast at the end of the season, and that attracts a charge too. I noticed that the younger members of staff didn’t have either the chilli or the curry, and the marina manager tried his and left it. Next year will tell!

  2. Heartafire says:

    looks pretty darn yummy over there!

  3. I think I could deal with a little tummy ache to eat something like that dessert!

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