It’s that time of year again

At the beginning of August last year, we attended the Marina’s free Canopes on the Lawn bash.
This Saturday (6th), they are hosting a Marina Party, and by all accounts not a canope will be in sight. So far, we have seen no sign of marquee erection either, so are wondering how it is all going to pan out.
hog roastPrevious hog roasts and BBQs have been met with mixed reviews, and last year’s end of season event was bordering on disastrous. The food ran out and many boat owners did a chip shop run as the hired caterers packed up and left early (like 8pm). Rumour has it they had double booked themselves and had to be elsewhere. That was their first and only engagement here.
In contrast, the BBQ earlier this year was brilliant.

The food at the Party this weekend is apparently a choice of chilli or Thai Green curry.
thai green curry
From images available on google, it doesn’t appeal, no matter how prettily they present it. In fact, looking at a bowl of pea soup makes me feel nauseous and Hubby says the smell is off-putting too. Besides, the only chilli or curry he’ll eat is what I make.
There is a vegetarian option though, so we’ve put our names down for that. It appears there will also be jacket potatoes (so that’s probably it), but no mention of salads.

Some people have decided to bring their own, and we in turn intend to take up a couple of packets of nibbles to share with our friends, several of which do not like curries or spicy food in any form.

One of the SW quotes is not to make a Bad Day into a bad week.
Here’s another thought on the same theme:
diet quote 2Several of the Group have social events that they try to prepare for, some saving their syns up, some starving themselves the day before and the day after, and others just going for it, enjoying the moment and accepting the consequences.
I have no idea how things will go on Saturday, and to be honest, I’m getting a little tired of salads anyway. I’m working on having other vegetables with my meals at the moment, and am happy with the thought of a jacket potato (I’ve had two this week already).
It’s just what to have with it they may cause me problems!

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  1. Here’s hoping the party goes well (and really, can it be worse than the previous one?).

  2. Personally Thai green curry is my favourite curry 😀 hope the party rocks!

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